More Cement 'Shrooms & Whimsical Garden Rocks

jeannespinesMarch 30, 2011

I got some more whimsical garden rocks painted & some 'Shrooms ... today got out to the shop w/DH & I took an old drawer from my garden shed...DH cut pc of hard foam & peg board & we put this tog to display 'Shrooms for Farmer's Market beg in May:

Some I've kept for myself, too, but the frost isn't out of the ground yet. Here's another view...the small one has an old metal "curler" for a stem...had a little cement left one day & I tried to find something quick...the "curler" was in my junk drawer! LOL!

I use some "patio paints" for outdoors but also use acrylics ...DH & I spray them all with clear. Mine has held up pretty well even being left out in winters. Here's some rocks:

And some call these "spirit rocks" ...

And, even tho it is colder than normal, Spring has sprung here in's a bunny & some Crocus...right now they make me smile (like the whimsical rock faces!):

TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, Love your 'Shrooms and garden rocks. They are beautiful colors. Your crocus are gorgeous. - Marylee

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gardencraze(9b Groveland FL.)

Jeanne, I love the Garden rocks and those crocuses
ooohh my!!!
great job. that is the only thing I miss about living up north is the spring flowers.

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Yes Yes Yes!!!!! Great!!

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Everything is wonderful! The chubby, smiling rocks make me grin as I think of them peeking out from under a plant. Good work!

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Thanks, GJers...yup, those whimsical face rocks make me smile, too...they are made of cement from a mold I bought on e-bay's my first one in my gardens from 2008. Jeanne S.

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Lovely, such fun work you are doing there.

Glad to hear the Iowa weather is beginning to break and you can get out to the shop more.

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I always loved those little purple crocuses because they were the first flowers to pop up in the spring. I love the color of your mushrooms and your rock people are so cute. Great idea to use curler for a stem too ... pretty ingenious!

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Marlene Kindred


Great job on the shrooms and rocks! I especially like the ones with the "bumped up" top....very cool! And your crocus picture is beautiful too!

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Looks like you have been busy getting ready for the sale! I probably wouldn't even know it was a curler holding your mushroom up, haven't had 1 in my hair since before 1980. We are having "summer" 100 degrees out news guy said. I baked sugar cookies but after rolling them out & baking them I decided to put them in container & frost tomorrow morning. I may fall asleep at the computer. I came on to see what glaze looked like but will probably make my own. Don't usually make a recipe off the grocery bill but this was by McCormick spices co. & they are a really good sugar cookie, I thought they would taste like spice as cinnamon & nutmeg in them but I can't even taste it,hard to find a good sugar cookie recipe so this is a keeper.Good even without icing too, could just sprinkle pretty sugars on them before baking! Good Luck on your sale & show us the other stuff you make for it!! Jan

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Those bubble wrap shrooms just crack me up, I don't know why. I love them. The paint colors are really nice too. Your little faces are sweet and would look great anywhere. Y'all are really cranking things out, glad to see you feeling better.

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They all look great.....but what a nice suprise to see one of those cute little faces smiling at ya from between the blooms!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Awesome! I love them all. Good luck at the FMkt.
I would love to hear how you do too. A friend of mine who is unemployed wants to try to sell things as her dh is getting impatient with her creating without a goal!
I have snowdrops and "glory of the snow" (chionodoxa) looming even tho its snowing today! 6 inches, ugh.

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COLOR! I love it. I love cement that is colored adds an additional dimension to the garden AND probably more important allows a freedom from the drab gray Portland color. Love it baby, or did I say that already.


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Thanks, holiday-ers! I'm still painting some! I like tucking these mushrooms here & there in the gardens & I leave them out all winter...been fine so far.

At Farmers' Mrkt we usually sell them all...whimsical face rocks $3.50 & spirit rock $1.50 ... this yr adding the 'shrooms for $2.50 ... we like to sell our barnwood birdhouses & feeders the rocks are just additional GJ to get people lookin' my photography cards $1 ... they're printed on good photo paper, attached to card & blank inside w/envelope in people really buy them alot! We enjoy doing FM's on Sat. mornings from May - Oct...a couple Sat's a mo. usually. Lots of fun! Here's one of DH's Oriole grape/orange barnwood feeder:

TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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shpnquen(z5, IN)

LOOOOVE the mushrooms!! And those face rocks are just too dang cute & I REALLY like those spirit ones! You sure do sell your stuff cheap enough! No wonder you sell out.

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LOVE it ALLL!!!!!

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jeannespines, love all your creations, especially those whimsical face rocks. I bet they do look really cute peeping from beneath the plants. Wish I lived close by and I would certainly buy some for my garden. Your prices are extremely good!!!!! Thanks for showing us.

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Thanks, GJ-ers ... it's work but also so much fun...& like I said, some lower priced garden items brings people looking...that's what we like! Here's a link to my Photobucket w/some of birdhouses/feeders ... not just for FM..these are in my gardens, too! (many of these pics I've shared on GJ the past few yrs). And there's another album of "Barnwood Blooms"...just select "Slideshow" & the pics will pop up for you. Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeannespines Birdhouses/Feeders

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Where in Iowa are you? I'm in IA too and was just wondering where the FM is that you sell at.

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Michelle...the FM is in Cedar Falls, May - Oct, Sat. morn., 9-noon.

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hostarookie(6 WV)

Jeanne, do you sell your whimsical face rocks online anywhere or just at the farmers market? They are too cute!!


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Just FM, shpg would be terrible, Em...they're cement! Thanks for lookin', tho. Jeanne S.

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Do you think you could put something in your mold so your face rocks could be planters? I love them.
Jeanne in WI

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