Flower buds or new leaves?

flower_baby(southern oregon)August 22, 2013

This is a night blooming cereus I've had since march, and I just noticed what I *think* might be tiny little flower buds!
It hasn't bloomed since I had it so I'm not sure if they are the start of new leaves or if they are buds. Anyone have a night blooming cereus and know what it is?

(I'm talking about the teeny tiny things on the front leaf, NOT the new leaf in the background upper left corner)


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flower_baby(southern oregon)

Up close:

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By the shape of them, they look like flower buds, but I would give it more time to be certain of it.


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auron22(6b OH)

Getting a little anxious are we?lol
Not to worry, I do that ALL the time with my flowering plants. I HAVE to know if that tiny growth I can barely see is a future flower or not, and I get ecstatic when I find out it is a flower. I'd love pics when they open (if they turn out to be flowers....)

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Flower Baby. In pic 1, it looks like a bud but not 100% positive.
Is it flat? Toni

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Hi gang!

If I had one,I'd be a bit anxious too. When those guys bloom they're real show-stoppers!
Mornin Toni,..
Hope you're doing well! :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Looks like little buds to me!!

Congratulations.. Nice to see someone else using a magnifying glass on their plants!!! Lol...

Nice to have company!!! ;-)

Have a wonderful day!!


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flower_baby(southern oregon)

LOL! Yea I was very excited when i noticed, I try to do a weekly inspection for bugs, and when I first saw them I thought "wow it's still sending out new growth!" then I looked a little closer and they looked round and pointy like buds but I wasn't sure since I never noticed what new leaf growth looked like when it was that tiny. fingers crossed that it will flower...

Another question; I will be out of town on the weekend of the 7th, do you think they might flower while I'm gone?

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