A new record!!!

paul_(z5 MI)August 7, 2014

For me at any rate. I actually have 6 leaves -- yes, SIX leaves -- on my Alocasia Poly! Usually 3 is the most it will maintain for me.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Bravo!!! :-)


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Now that is a feat! But, coming from you Paul, I am not surprised. ;) Your plants always require me to grab my plant bib.


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perhaps, we can discuss the finer points ;).
i've been posting about my adventures last year in aroid forum, but it's ultra slow and hardly anybody posts there continuously.
i've had mine since july 2009 - been doing quite well, even holding onto 2 leaves on each tuber thru winter, but then it went almost into dormancy - i thought i lost it, but luckily i found grab's post in aroids and that started me on a very lengthy project.
i'll update it with more details (of which there are plenty as is already) - if you're interested.
i also had problems of getting more then 2-3 leaves on a stalk, but last year i finally gave it much better growing conditions and was rewarded with 4-5 leaves.
past winter the first time ever it held to the majority of it's leaves, dropping only 1-2 on a stalk.
so i also have high hopes for this season :).
so far i have 2-3 new leaves with a couple old still holding on each tuber. one has a branch: it's growing from 2 stalks.
so my biggest is at 5 leaf count: 2 old 2 new and a new leaf opening. and i have another 6-8 weeks, so hoping for more to come.
the thick cluster on the left is 3 tubers: 1 3yr old sprout, 1 branched and one single. the one on the right is the strongest 5 leafer.

Here is a link that might be useful: how i woke up my poly and sprouted bulbils

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Congrats, Paul. I've only gotten 4 leaves at once on mine. Nice plant, petrushka. I'll have to try your wake up technique.


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Nice stuff you guys!

Yeah,Beth,..I know what you mean!

*looks for a mop*

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

i grow mine in pots but out in the shade garden amongst other tropicals For me they tend to off set rather than get larger Often go dormant for no apparent reason lol Three is the usual number and then will sprout in another location
Interestingly one continued to grow through winter while one
went dormant . Both are up and growing now but with 3 leaves. They often climb out of their pots but won't grow in my sand though i can move them to a pot and they will. I admit I don't baby them as much as I should !! gary

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i'd think that in pots with enough heat and moisture they should really take off! do you feed them?
just curious how large are your leaves outdoors? and how old are your tubers?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

You would think that but no they stay quite average lol
Never getting over a foot long They pop up in the soil around the pots but usually disappear if not noved to a pot. I feed them with osmocote except when dormant
Don't remember the ages though one was in the shadehouse built in 82 while the other is well over 15
Have no idea which variety they are i saw some in Costa Rica that were well over 3 feet growing in a large pot on a porch in a hotel exposed to the sea . Unfortuneately nobody could tell me what they were
Perhaps yet another variety?? have never seen them that size in nurseries .. gary

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may be costa rican are alocasia frydek? they look almost the same but are much larger - they don't have the white outline on the leaf, but are triple-sized.
my baby sprouts need very light watering, so i keep them in very small pots until the tubers increase. otherwise tubers might rot when dormant. i had 2 come up in the main pot, but stayed very small with 2 leaves in succession. the ones that i dug up and woke up and grew separately in 2nd year are producing 8" leaves.
they grew 1"x1/2" tubers first year.
wow, since 82...! so how many offsets you got from them? must be enough for ground cover ;)!
i've seen new varieties like 'mayan mask' and some others, but not in shops.
it's prolly easier to get them in fl?

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