blue bottle give-away in Mpls, MN

leaveswave(.)March 19, 2011

>> Four blue wine bottles (1 is shorter than the other 3).

>> Must pick up in Plymouth or St Louis Park.

>> They go to the first person to stop by (not contact me).

>> If still here on the 24th, they go in the trash (can't recycle blue in my city).

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Sit them on your curb...I bet they'll disappear. Jeanne S.

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They will disappear quicker then you can say "cobalt blue" if you do what jeannespines advises you to do. They won't linger long!!!!!

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I'd have my nephew in Minneapolis grab them for me, but the last time he was at my house he told me cobalt glass was the gateway drug to being a hoarder. I don't think he'd get them for me.

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Too bad I'm so far away or I'd grab them. Around here, we have a magical telephone pole in the alley behind the house. Anything you put near it disappears overnight! I bet there is a pole near your home that does the same thing.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Sigh! I too would love to have them but atlas I am in Tenn. Have you posted them on Freecycle, bet they go in a heartbeat! Also Craigslist under their *free* section.

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