Garden Junk for sale- question

mjowest(5)March 29, 2011

think spring, think spring, think spring...

sorry, got off on a tangent... I got some totems out today!

I sell my garden de-lites at a local craft store.

I also live near a recreational lake, so people started stopping, and buying my creations.

I do not have enough time or money to totally supply both areas, so I stick to selling my 'seconds' out in my yard.


Now, I like to think that after three years of making these, I am getting better.

I do still let some ooze out, smear... you know the drill.

but I'm a little embaressed (fussy, perfectionist...) and wonder if I should add a disclaimer to the outdoor things-

in other words, tell people they are seconds.

I can only donate so many 'rejects'- I'd like to get some money out of the seconds...

but I don't want people to think I'm only slapping them together, you know?

I have had people pay $$$ for the ones I really didn't want to sell, but thought I said a high enough price to discourage them, and it didn't work! :) so there are some nice ones floating around...

thoughts , please!!!


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Mary-Jo, you are so funny! How about calling it your clearance corner? Put a tag on them, saying these did not pass quality control or are rejects, may have imperfections and are priced to sell. And maybe give them a business card or info. on where you sell the first-class stuff.
But most of all remember: we are our own worst critic!

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Just say they were made in Taiwan or China! lol! What is wrong with them that you consider them to be seconds? If it is globs of adhesive, is there anyway you can scrape it off with a razer blade? It might be worth the little extra attention if you can sell it for more money.

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I have only made a few totems. If I have too much ooze around a piece I will try and wipe of what I can with cotton swabs. Then I add some glass nuggets around the area. Hides any mistakes!

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gardencraze(9b Groveland FL.)

As garden potter said... Mary-Jo, you are so funny!
We are our worst critic,I've been selling these things for a long time...and I price them a little on the high side(what the market will bear)then I go down on the price (people love to get a discount) and if one of the pcs isn't the best then I say "on this pc I can go allot less cuz of this...whatevr the imperfection, sells every time and they see that it is not perfect and I not lying and we are both happy LOL. works for me
Carmen Hope this helps

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