rain, wet frost covers and frost?

bella_trix(z6b SE PA)October 18, 2009

My weather report says frost tonight at 5 in the morning. Unfortunately, it is proceded by rain all night. Yesterday, I collected and dried all the wet frost covers from the garden. Now, they will just end up wet again when I cover the plants.

Will the wet frost covers offer any protection (they are sheets, blankets and paint drop cloths) once they are wet? I'd give up, but it looks like tonight is followed by a block of no-frost weather.

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Hey, fellow Pennsylvanian. I think the wet covers will still provide some protection. Think of them like an igloo. If it actually got cold enough for them to have a thin layer of ice, it would help to insulate the plants below from even lower temperatures or colder winds. I think you have a shot at getting your plants through another cold night. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kim's Pennsylvania Garden

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Actually if the plants are wet they will be better protectec from frost. The reason: The water or moistutre has to cool off/freesz first. I have seen that florida citrus growers growers and others when the fruit trees are in full blossom and there is a frost or light freez they will sprinkle them with water. Frozen water is better than freezing air and it will provide some insulation. Go ahead and mist your plants with water and then cover them.

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As water cools down (looses energy) and eventually freezes it releases a significant amount of heat into the surrounding atmosphere and to your plants. On the night of an expected frost water well, mist the plants and cover. Wouldn't hurt to mist the covering cloths at the same time.

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