blue bottles

jeaninwa(5)March 16, 2012

I just bought a six pack of Bud Light bottles with removeable labels...go get drunk and make a bottle tree

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Or you can give them to someone like I did,
and make them promise to give back the bottles!
I bought 2 12 packs and am thinking about
getting at least one more! I want a BIG bottletree-LOL
Actually, my 4x4 post has 44 holes drilled for
rebar bottle holders.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I've gotta make one. I've been saving blue bottles for years and they are all over the house and garage. 4x4 post with rebar may be the way to go for me. How long is it, and how are you mounting it in the yard, Nonacook?
I can't wait to see yours.

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Going to dig hole, 18 to 24 inches deep,
put post and cement in. Might have to support
it until it dries.
Rebar will be slanted upward to hold bottles.
Bill cut the rebar (and grilled the holes)before
he died. He cut it with a grinder. Not sure
how long the pieces are. It has all been stored.
It had taken me several years to get things
right in the garden again. Old and working mostly
by myself is not easy-LOL
I think it is a 10 foot 4x4....??
Might be a 12 foot 4x4. It's dark out now
or I would measure, and tell you more.

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I made my teenager laugh hysterically the other day...we were driving home from school and I slammed on the brakes, she says "Mom what's wrong?" My reply....."I think I saw a blue bottle on the side of the road, gotta go back and check!!"

Sure enough it was :)

Found 3 more a couple of days later...LOL

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Nona I know what you are saying. My progress is slow any more. I miss my helper, too. Good luck with your bottle tree. And Dolly my granddaughter can tell you stories about things her grandma does~~~~ENJOY!! Jlily

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I read about your blue bottles & thought ,I don't drink so forget it! Ha! Next day I went across street to pick up a potato chip bag as I hate garbage in the street- well, my eye caught a glint of blue- I ran over & sure enough not 1 but 5 blue Bud whatever bottles, I couldn't believe my eyes. Never even seen them in the grocery store(probably passed by them) but only see stuff I'm interested in since shopping for folks & myself is enough of chore. I want a small tree or on rebar in garden!! Jan

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