Went back to the estate sale & bought more!!

dollydee(7-MS)March 7, 2011

I went back today to see if the landscaping stones had been marked down. Saturday they wanted $3 each, well just as I walked up they were sold..ugghh! They were selling EVERYTHING...trees, shrubs, stones, you name it, come to find out house is in foreclosure.

So I walked around and picked up a few more garden art items. I had spoken with them Sat about the storage building, they said they would sell it for $500, today I asked again, said $200. I called DH, he came & looked at it, said there was no way to get it out b/c of trees, fence, etc. Then I looked up & saw the really nice arbor, and you know I had to ask..LOL Salesperson said, let me check..yep, $200 :)

DH said there was $800-900 worth of lumber, $300+ in brackets, screws & bolts

So now I am the owner of a huge arbor that we have to go take down tomorrow :) Pictures do not do it justice. It is extremely well built & in great shape, looks like they had lattice on top, then decided to put tin on top of that.

We're going to be building a deck on the back of the new house, and would you believe typical man thing, he's talking about using my perfectly lovely arbor to build the deck out of??? hmmph..I don't think so!!! Already had the deck in the budget, and I got news for him...I WILL WIN this battle!!! LOL Click on the small pix to see larger ones.

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Lucky you! What's nice is the supports are already cut. I can't wait to see it reassembled in your garden. That's a great buy for one that size.

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Beautiful!! What a great find! Enjoy Jlily

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So Dolly, am I hearing right, are you leaving your Victorian house? The arbor will be great even though it will be a pain to move.

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Marlene Kindred

WOW! What a haul...you ARE a lucky girl!!

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I hope it is bolted as easier to get apart than nailed, that is called a patio cover out here!! You have Paul Bunyon sized arbors there!LOL Will give you some cool shade that is for sure. Be careful getting it down & reassembled!! Jan

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And it has a great patina!

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Yes, Frou, we are leaving the Victorian house. Two oldest kids are out on their own now, youngest only has 3 years left in high school. Too much house (3700 sqft) for the three of us, taxes & utilities are too high plus we have to pay tution for small private school here, public school is horrible. We have some family land about 40 minutes from here, new schools that are great, DD is already changed schools and loves it.... and I'm sooo ready to be back in the country!!!

Only bad thing is having to start all over with my yard and garden. On a good note though, there is an old house on the property that my sister and I are going to dismantle and make potting sheds for each of us :)

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