Another dracaena question

chris_tx8(8)September 24, 2010


I have a corn plant that was not getting enough sun despite being in my brightest window. There were two problems - the tallest cane had grown taller than my window so some leaves were getting pale from lack of sun. The shorter plants with more light did better, but they still lost their stripe.

So, I placed the corn plant outside in the shade thinking it could use a little more sun. The healthier leaves on the shorter canes were fine, but the pale upper leaves got sunburned.

I am assuming that the pale sunburnt leaves aren't going to recover, and I remove them as needed. The plant is otherwise healthy but right now it looks very ragged. I am considering cutting the cane and allowing new leaves to sprout. I am planning to take the plant into work so it can be in a better environment, but I am wondering how long I can expect to have a six-foot stump before it starts looking normal again. Does anyone know how long it takes the leaves to regrow after the cane is cut?

Thanks for any insight.


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chris tx8, mention of 'the stripe' leads me to conclude that this is a "Warnecki" variety. The cut stalk should sprout a sideshoot or two within 3 weeks.

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Chris, your assumption is correct. Unfortunately, sunburned leaves will not recover.

Are you planning on cutting the cane in half or shorter sections and rooting?

Ron, Dracaena fragrans has several cultivars. 3 are, green and yellow 'beautiful,' green and white and green. If given proper light and humidity, the colors are more pronounced. Toni

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Thank you both for the feedback. I have a Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana', which has dark green leaves with a yellow-green stripe down the center.

I was thinking of cutting about a foot off the 6ft cane, and leaving the rest in the soil to resprout leaves. I'm tossing the leafy portion.

Every time I drastically cut back a plant, I worry that I killed it until the plant proves otherwise. I'm glad it's only 2-3 weeks, that really isn't a long time.

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