peace lily root rot

fordmustanggt98September 19, 2007

If a peace lily started root rot (not all of the root is totaly rotted) will the plant be able to survive..... At the present time i am letting the soil dry but it is very wet cause i wanted to wash out the fertilizer i gave it.... Please help and let me know if it can be saved and what to do with it......The leaves of the pl are turning bright yellow and there is brown growing on the leaves day by day HELP!!!!!

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Take off all the yellow leaves, then left it out of the pot, (root-ball and plant together) cut any roots that are rotten leaving only the healthy.
Gently pull away some of the soil so it will fit into a pot that's only an inch bigger around than the root-ball.If it's in a pot that's bigger than that, it's too big. Let the top inch or two get "close" to dry before watering.

To save it if the roots are really far gone, you can cut off all the roots if need be and take off some of the lower leaves and re-root it in a "small" pot with good draining soil. Perlite added to the soil helps a lot in drainage.

I'm just curious, why did you rinse out the fertilizer?
Do you have picture of your peace lily?
What kind of light does it get?
How big is the plant? How big is the pot?

Billy Rae

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I rinsed out the fertilizer due to using to much and i think it burned the roots, when i put in the fertilizer the next day it was wilting it was perfect before it..... I do not have a picture of the lily but all the leaves are wilted and the flower that was on it is a goner. It gets medium indirect light like i said it was growing well until the fertilizer oh and also i repootted it into a bigger pot 1 about double in size because the roots were already against the pot... The plant is about 3 feet tall the pot is like 2 feet diameter and 2 feet deep is that too big?

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Yes, a large dose of fertilizer could have burned the roots, possibly over-watered, or maybe both could be the culprit...

How much fertilizer did you use? It's best to use half strength or less of what is recommended and only now and then. None in late fall-winter when most plants rest or slow down.

Sounds like a good size plant you have there. Is there an inch between the root-ball and all the way around the inside of the pot? That's how it should be anyway, they like to be snuggled in their pots.

If most of the roots look burned to you, or soggy and rotted, I'd cut the roots off and start over. But that should only be done if all other hope is gone to save the plant.

Just so you know, you can grow peace lilies in just plain water too:>)

Billy Rae

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this is what the peace lily looks like today

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I wonder if the plant is in too large a pot. Especially if much of the root structure was damaged and has to grow back. If it is it could cause problems with soil mousture and root rot again in the future.

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Ouch! Looking at the plant, the pot looks to be too wide and too deep.
I don't know if your plant is savable at this point, but you can try.

The only thing you can really do now is take the plant out of the pot and take off ALL the old soil around the roots and see what kind of shape they are in. Cut off any roots that aren't healthy (if any) and place it into a smaller pot size "like already mentioned" with some good draining soil mixed with "perlite".

Water it in until it drains out into the saucer (dump out any excess water in saucer) and don't water until the top inch feels "almost" dry but not dried out.Peace lilies like semi soil at all times, not wet, not dry.
NO FERTILIZER until spring! And then only use very small amounts every other month, or less.

Or, You can take all the soil off and try growing it in water (with any decent growth attached if possible) Put it where it will get indirect light (no direct sun) And keep your fingers crossed for any new growth!

Billy Rae

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when the plant fell out of the old pot and i took the plant all the dead roots fell out of the rootball..I cut off all of the bad leaves there are a couple decent looking ones i kept on there..... I repotted what was left, there was a couple white roots left not very much of the rootball was left it was still brown mostly... I repotted the plant in a much smaller pot now the question is if i saved it about how long do you all think it should take to come back to life before i should give up? Anything else you guys could tell me to help it live please let me know

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I have three lily root balls from my previous lily plants that died. The roots seem to be healthy but there is not plant, just the root balls. Is there any way i can replant them and the lily plant will grow? Please help me I really want my lilies back!

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Anything is possible if the root-balls are healthy and look like this.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I'm having similar problem but i don't even know what's wrong. i had millipedes and the roots seemed fine and firm. here's what it looks like now. What you guys think im doing wrong?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Not sure what the problem is your referring to, but your plant looks pretty good to me!

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its seems droopy like the leaves dont really stand up noatter what i do is that the way it's supposed to look like?

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I'm not how you have been caring for, but make sure the soil is always a little on the moist side, (I ck mine weekly).
You'll need to water it really well until water comes out the drain holes, then not again until the top inch or two starts to almost dry.
Make sure after watering, that you empty out any water that has drained out into the saucer.
Also, make sure it's getting enough bright indirect light, no direct hot sunlight.

Billy Rae

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I had it in a pot that had it's saucer built in so i probably put too much water that stayed underneath too long which could have also caused the millipedes? I switched to a pot with a separate saucer and took your advice and already looking better. Next question. Which kind of soil is the best? do i need to add nutriment (im not sure how to call it).


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Glad it's looking better!

If the plant was outside at anytime, or the soil excess-able to critters, that might be where the millipedes came from, since they love and need to be where it's moist.
They also could have already took up resident in the plants soil before it was brought home, but they aren't really all that hard to get rid of thank goodness. Been there, done that!

The plant should get enough nutrients from the soil along with light fertilizing now and then (use half strength or less in the warmer months).I usually stop feeding in Oct and resume in the spring.
You can use regular potting soil and add a handful or two of PERLITE so it drains well, keeping the plant on the snug side inside the pot.

Billy Rae

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Thanks again for all of your help

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