Purple Haze Carrots Experience

Aindra(8, BC)October 30, 2012

Growing the carrots have became personal for me when my last year's carrots failed. I'm determined to see a success so I tried again this year with purple haze carrots though I didn't have high hopes. To my delightful surprise, they're doing well. Not as long as you'd find in the supermarkets but I'm happy regardless!

Sow to Harvest

August 3, 2012 - October 30, 2012

88 days. On the seed package, it says 95 days. I actually thought it's more than 95 days when I pulled one carrot up to see how it's doing down there, oops! I'll leave rest in the pot for a while.


I grew the carrots in two pots: Black and white pots.

I can say that the white pots are terrible! They sprouted then... nothing. They were still alive, beautiful green and straight up, but they... just don't grow beyond a couple inches. After a second year of growing plants, it's now cemented in my mind that the dark pots are best for my plants in my cool seasons as it keeps them warm so they can actually grow. The carrots in black pot did beautifully. In fact, little too well. They skyrocketed - well relatively for plants. My supposedly fast-growing lettuce in white pot in same sow date, looked so small next to the carrots.

I got nervous because of my past experience with carrots. I couldn't see the roots poking out of the soil and I thought it might means they're all tops and no root. I pulled one carrot up and to my surprise, they're bigger than I thought they'd be. Yay!



Lesson Learned

Boo on white pots.

Yay on black pots.


I apologize for poor lighting and blurs on my second photo. Hope it's still clear enough to see.

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How was the soil? I find that Carrots don't like loose soil. I got giant Nantes Carrots. Planted them some time in the Summer or late Spring and left them. I ate a couple and planted more, but still. I think I planted them in June. I still have about 8 in the ground. I was looking at those carrots. The problem is West Coast is so expensive.

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Aindra(8, BC)

Since I grow my vegetables in the containers, I use a potting mix. It's loose and light. I'm transitioning to a DIY potting mix next year so I'll see if my carrots perform better in that.

I'm surprised that the carrots don't like loose soil! I thought they need room to stretch out. I heard if you left the carrots in the soil too long, the taste'll turn woody? I'm concerned about that.

Oh, I do agree that West Coast is expensive. I prefer their company because they have excellent service and they're close to where I live. I do have the cheap, generic seed brands too, so I'm not above it.

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I also buy from them, but only if my dad doesn't go to a seed store in Bellingham that is partnered with Territorial seed to pick some up.

The soil shouldn't be rocky, and not fluffy either. It's just what I've read, and I only slightly pitchforked my soil, and they grew quite large. 8" in diameter and 10" long.

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chervil2(z5 MA)

I am impressed since I was convinced that you needed very deep soil to grow carrots. You have grown a beautiful crop in a flower pot.

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Last year I planted carrots in spring and I didn't pull the last ones out until this spring. I left some in the ground to see the carrots flower (in year 2) and just out of curiosity. DH and I even ate a piece of the flowering carrot. It was definitely woody at that point; however, they tasted fine all other seasons. Certainly, they tasted better the younger they were, but I wouldn't hesitate to do a mass planting again and just eat them in summer, fall and winter.

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I've actually seen where some people grow individual carrots in PVC pipe segments. Long, narrow, just plug the bottom with something and drill some drainage holes and viola, instant carrot pots.

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Aindra(8, BC)

That's a relief. My carrots will be all eaten before spring's approach. I just pulled two carrots today, and so far still sweet tasting. Here's the update, they're not getting any bigger so I guess it's best I can do for this year.

I'll see if I can get better results next year.

@edymnion, that sounds interesting!

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bomber095(z5b MA)

I plant carrots in a 10" deep window box every year. The medium is Miracle-Gro potting mix. They absolutely love it.

I have also grown Purple Haze before. Interesting when pulled, but fade back to orange when cooked

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