Repotting spider plant

DevaFreya(8b)September 22, 2013

I recently bought a few discount (read: dying) spider plants, including one that I bought today.

I'm wondering where the "soil" level should be in relation to the leaves and root system. How it came from the store, the soil level is up past the joint where the roots meet the leaves, such that the leaves are very much touching the soil. One of my past discount spider plants died of rot within a week after purchasing, seemingly because of the leaves were touching the not-well-drained soil.

Is that ideal? My gut says that the soil level should be at or below where the leaves meet the roots. Is that the case?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The potting mix should cover the roots, leaving the stems (and much of the crown) exposed. Your instincts are exactly right.

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I recently re-potted my spider plants. Well, I split one of my spider plants into four. Here's a thread where I posted pictures of one of them.

The second post has a picture showing a new shoot coming up next to a re-potted spider plant. Off to the right is one of the leaves coming up from under the peat-pudding potting medium. The lowest leaves are that deep under the soil, but the plant is producing vigorous new growth, both the new shoot and up at the top. There is one dead leaf in the foreground, but I think it was damaged as I hacked the plant apart.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks! They definitely have it sitting deeper in the pot than that. No wonder the last one rotted and died on me so quickly.
I'll repot it a bit shallower, and hope it makes it! It actually doesn't look too bad, so I think it has a chance.

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