First attempt at Garden Totems

IowaJunkGirlApril 20, 2012

Here is my first attempt at four garden totems. I've made dessert pedestals out of plates/glass for awhile so I already had a collection that I needed to reuse. I know I made some mistakes - plates turned right side up etc, but they were still fun. We'll see how they all work out. I was having issues with my flower plates and stakes, so I just decided to put these flat on the ground, or patio table. I did add solar lights to them.

Image link:

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Well evidently I can only post one picture at a time. Unless I did a link, I guess. I'll just do a couple more posts. Tell me what you think!

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If you embed your photos in the thread, then you can post as many photos as you like. It's only if you are linking, they you are limited to 1.

So that you can limit yourself to 1 thread - and you don't want to embed your photos, you have 2 choices. You can place the link directly in the text of the post. They won't show up as clickable links, but people can cut and paste. Or you can post subsequent replies to your original thread, and post the links in the optional link url, and them readers can continue to click. If you are posting subsequent replies, you will most likely have to change he subject of your posting - just write something like "2nd photo link" - since GW has a time limit as to how soon you can post a reply.

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Marlene Kindred

I like this one too! As for the plates being right side up, I've done that on purpose sometimes and to carry the color through the your case the cobalt blue, I've put the same color glass pieces in the plates and put a little water in for the butterflies and muddobbers to get a drink. They really like them. Since you're in Iowa, you'll most likely have to take your totems inside during the winter to keep them from freezing and breaking anyway, so do whatever looks good to your eye.

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