Christmas cactus

ninecrow(England)September 17, 2012

OK I'm SURE This has been asked Before...

But what is it that Makes Them Flower, Short Days, Temp, Both or Will He Flower Any Way?

The Reason I'm asking is that I've moved Mine from the Bedroom to the sitting as I NEVER Get to Enjoy the Floors in the bed Room. Plus I need Him to Stop People Looking in......

Thanks Guys

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Hi Ninecrow,

Actually, short days prompt CC/TC into bloom, but cool/cold temps work, too.

Since I never know what I'll be doing at precisely 5:PM, daily, 'to cover CC/TC,' instead they're kept outside until first and/or second frost or once buds set in.
When buds are sturdy enough, indoors TC come, placed in a cool, bright room.

There are a few ppl I've known who did nothing w/their CC/TC, yet their holiday plants flowered away. No short day treatment, no cold temps. So, nothing is impossible.

Long ago, before I was aware cold temps would promote buds, I tried the short-day treatment, but my CC/TC never bloomed. So, discovering the easy task of leaving plants outside made a complicated task, simple.

If your bedroom light isn't turned on after 'X' time, your CC should flower. Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I'm growing indoors only in an apartment. Mine didn't bloom until the year my kitchen fixtures were out for several months. When the plants had absolute dark at night (rather than the usual kitchen lights), they bloomed.

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Thanks Guys, Hope this Move Won't make Him sStop Fowering...

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birdsnblooms long as your CC isn't budding, relocating shouldn't be a problem.
It's said, CC/TC shouldn't be rotated or moved once buds form, otherwise they'll drop.

Is your bedroom brighter or shadier than its previous spot? Cooler or warmer?

Will outdoor lights, 'stop lights, etc,' aim at your CC in the evening? Toni

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Cooler at the Moment a Lot Lighter too as I'm in Here all the Time and Not only that the Curtains are Left open in the Sitting Room at Night (I'm on the 1st floor) because of Draven and My Passiflora

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