well it froze.......

emerald1951September 23, 2012

Hi all,

well it froze here this morning....I believe it got down to 26' and sooooooooits a frosty morning here in Minnesota......and I did get all my plants inside....I love the change in the seasons, but I just wish the growing season was longer......and this summer with the drought it was a hard to keep things green, my lawn is brown...and the trees are stressed....can only hope that next year will be better and we will see more rain as for alot of states ad areas......now have to start watering every thing for winter....I hope we get fall rains.....

well got to fly here, its off to work....have a great sunday everyone.......linda

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Wow, that's pretty cold! It's supposed to get to about 92 here in Houston today. I've been digging a rose bed and was drenched in sweat after about 5 minutes. I have 3 new roses to plant, and one to take out of a large container it's been living in for years. And some other things to plant around them as part of my winter garden (cabbage, kale, that sort of stuff).

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Hey Linda...26F is cold. Freezing!

Were your indoor plants outside when temps dropped or did you manage to get them in before?

Did any freeze?

The other day I noticed our Humming-Bird Vine had frost-bitten leaves. Not a good sign, way to early for Sept.
It feels like late Oct or Nov.

One problem, temps are supposed to reach 80F by Tues. When it warms up, one thinks, it's still nice outside, so plants can stay out a little longer.

Some plants need 1-2 frosts to promote flowering, 'Thanksgiving/Christmas Cactus' or redden/deepen colors. 'Jade/succulents.'

Problem is rain..lots of rain or watering when nights turn can cause rot.

Oh yes, summer was HOT, especially July. Our area had water restrictions. Some people think these rules don't apply to them, and kept sprinklers running daily.
We normally buy annuals, but this year passed up purchasing any outdoor plants. I'm so happy we didn't spend money.

Do you shower/spray plants before hauling inside? Showering and cleaning areas/shelves/windows/walls plants will be over-wintered, and cleaning each plant takes time. So much easier carrying plants outside in spring/summer than bringing back in. LOL.

Well, I'm glad your plants are safe from bitter-icy nights. Toni

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Hello Toni! I hope you are feeling ok these days!

Linda, you are so sweet to let us know. It looks like it is going to be a very cold winter and an early one too from the great lakes to the North East! Very depressing. I have not even hired a snow shoveler yet. Don't know where to find a young person that wants to work these days!

Did you ever get ALL your plants inside yet? It stinks, right! First a drought and now an early frost? I guess we have to work around it. Thank goodness we can pick our potted plants up whenever we want too.
I feel bad for the frogs in your pond.lol

I caught mine sitting around a camp fire last night making barbecued crickets!

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Hi all....
all my plants are in the house, and the garage. and down stairs....the only thing left is to find spots for them all around inside the house....its so nice with summer and their outside, and I can use the hose to water them and spray them off....and they do so much better outside....I wish I could have them outside year round....and Mike don't worry about the frogs they can handle the cold, they just burro in...but my fish are out in the pond yet and I have to get the aquarium set up and bring them in, I'll post a picture of them in the aquarium, but it will be alittle while yet...take care all....and I guess that is what we will all have to do burro in for the winter..........linda

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Mike, thanks for inquiring about my health..Feel better, but a little sore from Sundays chore preparing for plants to come in. There's so much more to do..you know what I mean....

Maybe winter won't be so bad. Remember how you guys up east got quite a bit of snow last, was it Oct?
After it melted, temps were mild, for winter.
Up this way, except for 3 or so weeks, most plants could have stayed outdoors..

Hopefully, temps will be the same this year.

Emerald..what type of fish do you have in your pond? Koi, others? Sounds so relaxing. A pond w/fish. Especially with a running water-fall.

Anyway, your plants are indoors, so no more worrying. If temps rise again, and you have easy access to outside, you can always haul a few plants back out.
I normally do this with my Gardenia and Geraniums since both like cooler temps. Slide, out the front door on the porch,. lol. Toni

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