too many cuttings solution/solicitation

gravyboots(7B)September 27, 2011

Hello All,

I am sure there are many Houseplant People out there like me who prune their plants, then can't bear to toss out those "perfectly good Future Plants," with the result of a number of young plants that need to be re-homed. My friends are sick of it & never bring up the topic of houseplants for fear I will aggressively push some on them.

This information may interest them marginally more:

Kamal Meattle lecturing at TED (link is below) and

NASA's list of air-filtering plants (type that in at Wikipedia for the list) that remove Volatile Organic Compounds, such as benzene, toluene, xylene & formaldehyde from homes...

... but my name is still "Mud" & I still have a bunch of cuttings that my friends & family mostly don't want.

HOWEVER - there is an environmental club at my college that likes to give plants away! This year they gave out garden starts during campus events, so I thought the above info + my abundance of cuttings & starts might be of interest to them, especially when I offered to grow the plants in the school greenhouse for them to give away.

Your local Community College may also have such a club that would enjoy giving out spider plant babies that will remove formaldehyde, toluene & xylene from the air; it's probably listed on their website, with contact info! Maybe you know a highschool senior that is looking for a senior project, or even a scout?

In the event that you don't want to go to the trouble (here comes the solicitation!), I will gladly accept starts & cuttings (even seeds) from anyone who wants to contact me via GardenWeb e-mail. You might even get a nice Thank You card from the Everett CC Students for Environmental Action and/or your name on a donor list at the SEA booth - I will certainly encourage such follow-up, although I am not an official member of the club.

I will be contributing (this year - hopefully this can be repeated!) a whole bunch of Chlorophytum babies and starts/cuttings from F. elastica, D. marginata, E. aureum, H. helix, all of which are on the SuperPlant list, as well as some Monstera & Philo starts.

Anyway, contact your local highschool, scout or college if you like this idea, or even contact me. Thanks.

Erynn Sullivan

aka Gladys Gravyboots

Here is a link that might be useful: TED talk: Grow Your Own Fresh Air

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gravyboots, "How to Grow Fresh Air" by Dr. B C Wolverton is a splendid book on the remediation of indoor air pollution caused by VOC's. He used a number of familiar indoor plants and rates their efficacy.
Mr. Meattle's presentation explores a small part of the whole.

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Much of what I've read has referenced Wolverton; it makes sense to go right to the source! This also got me thinking about personal phytoremediation outdoors too i.e. landscaping & planters with plants that would help compensate for one's "footprint" - lots to think about!

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