Autumn/Winter Rules & Preparations?

DeadheadRISeptember 16, 2012

Hi guys.. me again.

With the clock ticking on plants to go Dormant on or about October 1st.. The sun changing in the sky.. what are the winter 'Rules'?

No watering? Little watering?

Here's a quick rundown on what I have.. (all in 5-1-1 unless noted) Scheff(Nursery mix) English Ivy..Bamboo.. Sans..Several Jades..Phili..Aloe..Pothos(Nursery Mix)

The Best light available here now, is in the East facing windows with about 6 hours of direct light.. (but in the kitchen and close to the stove.)

To date, mostly everything has been in the North Western window. Am I correct in assuming that the majority of these plants are going to go dormant? Does 5-1-1 change the watering, if any? Fertigating with 3-1-2?

Jades are coming into a period of growth rather than shutting down?

As always, any and all help is appreciated..

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Hello your screen name. :)

Some plants slow down or go completely dormant from autumn throughout winter.
It depends on the plant, temps and sunlight.
Oct 1 doesn't mean plants will automatically stop growing that particular
Some plants have already slowed the growing process, while others will produce foliage as late as November.

Please do not stop watering your plants. All you listed need water, despite time of year. Reduced, yes, but not stopped altogether.

When you say 5-1-1 are you talking about growing medium or fertilizer?

About the often is your stove used? Gas heat dries the air, not to mention heating your home.

Dry air and tropicals can be a problem, but all isn't lost. Adding a humidifer, along with misting/showering plants help significantly.

Do you not have south or west windows? What about artificial light?

Why not leave your plants in the same NW window they've been growing?
With succulents in the western section of your window/s.
Are your windows free of curtains/blinds?

As for fertilizing. Everyone cares for their plants in different fashions. I stop fertilizing around Sept/Oct, then resume 'some' as early as Feb. 'Depending on the plant and amount of light.'

Others reduce fertilizers by half. If the sun is shining, a little fertilizer shouldn't be a problem, however, as far as most succulents, I feel it important withholding fertilizers.

Without adequate light, 'when fertilizer is applied,' leaves can grow spindly. Once a plant stops growing, let it rest.

Good luck, Toni

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Hi Toni!
Thanks for getting in touch!
Yes! The screen name is for the band, but I've only gotten to see the band twice- '91 & '09.. I married young and was a young dad with alot of responsibility, so couldn't mess around too much.. However, was never too far from the music!

I used Oct. 1st as an approximation, rather than a specific day and time..

The 5-1-1 I spoke of is the soil of choice these days, and things have responded nicely. Having not grown in this medium before I'm wondering if 'reduced' watering means every four.. six..ten days.. etc.

I have an apartment in the NE corner of a big 1880 Colonial here in RI.. with 2 East windows.. 2 North (slightly NW), only a small South facing window in Bath and no West facing at all..
I use the stove/oven daily which really heats up the kitchen, and I've seen what grease can do to plants in a kitchen and surrounding areas. Gas stove and oil heat.. (love the radiators)with a central thermostat in the downstairs hallway meaning that temps run anywhere from "Gotta open some windows!" to "Son of a Bxxch! Gotta put on a sweater or burn the coffee table!"

I fully intended to have only a few plants, but it grew to a dozen kinda quickly.. I call it 'Garden Web Disease'.. too many plants for the space available to me.. backups for most of them.. My daughter says I need help..

The windows have blinds which I normally keep open, and if someone wants to take a look, they need a life more than I do! All they would see is plants lining the sills anyway..

And you're the girl with 350+ plants? GW Disease.. I'm tellin ya!

Nice getting to know you..


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Hi Charlie, welcome!
I wouldn't worry about your lighting situation too much. I used to live in an apartment with 3 north facing and 1 east facing window and had no problems. Only one north window could accommodate most of the plants, so I just placed the ones that needed higher light levels (my schef) closest to the window. You're right, the jades are starting to wake up, so I would consider putting them closer to the window too. As for watering, it's what's easiest for you, really. I usually water once every two weeks unless it looks like someone needs more. Water til it runs out the bottom of the pot, don't water in "sips". Do you have the space to hang some grow lights? In my apartment, I had a space in which I was able to hang 2 four foot long fluorescent light fixtures (like for in a garage, nothing fancy). Those that didn't fit in the windows went under the lights. If you can do that, you could get everything you need for no more than $20-$25. A word of caution: it may lead to you getting even more plants! :)


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Hi Nancy! Thanks for jumping in!

For some reason, I love this place..slanted ceilings and all..
I was 'Home' as soon as I walked in the door!

As for watering concerns, I'm using Al's 5-1-1 mix, which eliminates all the guesswork of watering- but I'm still 'green' as to knowing what plants are going to take a nap.. wake up.. etc.

Grow lights? Hmmm.. hadn't considered it, not alot of space for them..and I agree.. it would lead to more plants, and there would probably be NO stopping me at that point!

Dollar-wise, this is a great hobby.. I'm sure there will be more. just yesterday when I made this thread, I counted a Dozen the end of the day, there were thirteen.. I don't remember seeing the little guy move in!

Nice meeting you..


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GW disease seems to be contagious...anytime I see nice photo posted I want that too.

I am glad to 'find' 511 or gritty mix, one can hardly overwater using them (I have heavy hand).

I started making notes as I read thru various posts as of dormancy and watering/light/temperature needs of different plants.
Hoping to somehow group them according to their needs, but I know it's not 100% possible.

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Good Morning Rina!

GW Disease is in fact, Contagious! And there seems to be no cure.. I read through these threads for months before ever saying hello.. only to find that I had many questions.
I'd love to see a central location for winter care of plants, not saying that it has to be this particular one.. But one where we could all go for information. That's the reason for my post, and of course to find care tips relating to my particular plants, given their variables..

I'm a 5-1-1 convert, and glad for being one! I'm beyond the realm of 'water it and hope it grows' as so many are.. (and you can't really 'Unlearn' this stuff).. so consider myself to be in for the duration..

Thanks for contributing..


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Charlie..partied w/the band and, ahem, scientiest as an underage teeny-bopper. lol. Oh what fun!

Kitchens and plants. I keep several plants in the kitchen including ferns. Of what I read, African Violets do not appreciate gas from the cooking stove, so if you happen to have an AV, perhaps it'd do better in another room.

Gotta open some windows...SOB...LOL

Charlie, there's always room for one more. Before moving here, I rented a studio appartment. One LARGE room. One east, two west and two, tiny north windows..yet, I managed to keep about 75 plants in this teeny appartment.

I ran one artificial light for certain plants, but sun-loving plants like Aloe thrived on an unobstructed, eastern window-sill.

What about your south window? It should be fine for high-light plants like Jades.. no?

Yes, I am guilty of contracting the GW Disease of 350+ plants, but my problem? started before joining the forums. lol. Of course, seeing others' plants only added to my addiction.

I keep plants in place of curtains/blinds, but do have to worry about ppl looking in. Especially during winter when the house is lit up...artificial lighting, ya know?

Can't answer when watering is needed since I don't use 5-1-1, but I'm certain others will respond.

You'll figure it all out..sun, water, etc, through GW members and experimenting. It was very nice meeting you, too... Toni

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Hi Charlie and Welcome! I too, am green with this stuff, This will be my first winter with plants and believe me, I am a bit on edge about it. Had about 3 last winter, but it didn't get as cold there as it will here.

This house has no real windows that get any sunlight in at all. It is the way the house was built. The house faces North and South and the only sun that gets in here is mom's room in the morning and the kitchen in late after noon, and it doesn't last long. So, for the winter it is artifical light. I just hope it is the right kind. They are already in at night, and during the day we take them outside, I only have 13-14. Not sure anymore~ need a recount, lol. But for the last few days they have been inside and so far they don't seem to mind it.

But I have a feeling I am going to be here a lot asking questions this winter.. so again.. welcome and nice meeting you. :)


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Think I already said Hi to you in another thread, but in case not, Hi!

Cracked up when you said, "I don't remember seeing the little guy move in!" Bet my honey has those moments... was that there yesterday? That doesn't happen to me, but sometimes I don't know where one is for a few minutes.

Your plants will not all use water at the same rate, so as you get to know them, you'll notice some are thirsty after just a few days, the Sans maybe still fine after a month. Impossible to say, not even something I know ahead of time for my own plants, beyond a general knowledge of which are usually more/less thirsty in general. There are factors at work such as the amount of roots vs. soil in the pot, which can't be determined by just looking at a plant or talking about it. If a pot still feels heavy, it's not dry yet.

If comfort will allow and you have control of the thermostat, you many want to consider letting it get more chilly in general, but especially at night. The air is less dry and plants are more comfortable if it's a little cooler.

Plants that are robust from a good summer are usually able to survive quite adverse conditions for a few months inside (humming "we will get by, we will survive) as long as they aren't soggy - according to the plants, not necessarily to you. This is the gap with which we all struggle, and your porous soil should be a great asset. Most plants that come from equatorial climates that don't have seasons don't go dormant, but the lower light (in intensity and length) in our homes may cause new growth to slow to a crawl for some plants. I know nothing about bamboo, but your other plants are not naturally inclined to dormancy, except where they do survive in colder places with defoliating temps. You should see some growth over winter.

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Hi guys..

Toni.. OK.. now I'm officially jealous! Never got to meet the band! Did get to drive to Albany (as hired 'Muscle') so the owner of a Tshirt company could convince a vendor to pay his 17k bill! (All we did was stand there with arms crossed....)
I'm in the same living situation now, as you were then.. One large room, and a kitchen. The only South facing window is in the bathroom which is the size of a closet. It's going to be an interesting winter to say the least! :-)

Marjie.. We're in the same boat! I only wanted 3 or so plants here. (All in the EZ care family).. yet today, there are 15! (I cant throw Anything away.. everything goes into a pot! Retired cook, so maybe that's where I get it from!
Yeah.. I'm gonna be here often too.. Nice meeting you Marjie!

Hi Purp!.. I think we've said Hi somewhere! Hello again!
I've always had a good general knowledge of plants, but took an extended break to care for my ex.. and during that time only caring for a Hibiscus tree.. that Hated Me! If I walked towards it, it would shed leaves and drop a bloom!

I don't control the thermostat here, so there is No problem with it being cool.. gets so cool here that i expect to see sled dogs in the hallway!

The plants here have never really been into Gloria Gaynor (and I'm shocked I even remember that name!).. but on occasion, will belt out some Scarlet Begonias from the Dead, and there's two plants in the kitchen who in times of neglect will start up with some, "We're not Gonna Take it..." from Twisted Sister.. They always seem to stop when someone walks in though! Plants are strange..

Nice talking to all you folks again, or for the first time..


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birdsnblooms need to feel green..the party was pre-Jerry's demise. Long ago. In Chicago.
It was exiting, but a tad terrifying, too. At certain times I thought, 'What am I doing here?' lol
Doing the muscle work, did you get to talk to them or was it rush-rush?

Gloria Gaynor, huh? Don't worry, your plants Will Survive. They'll Take It, replied Twisted Sister. :)

Charlie, you have quite a sense of humor. Sled dogs in the

Better a little cool than hot. Especially when bringing plants in from the great, outdoors. Too hot and all types of problems arise.
Begonias appreciate cooler temps.

During July, temps here were 100-104. The heat did a number on my Begonias..At the minimum five were tossed. We didn't have a/c at the time, so the house was super hot; outdoors like high noon in the desert. 104F in the shade and no breeze.
High humidity increased heat index to P.M.

Just Walk on Through to the Other Side...plants are strange and People are Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Ooooh that was Grateful Dead "Touch of Gray" not Gloria Gaynor. But any singing plants are good, and I should have included more context, my bad.

but then a touch of gray
kinda suits you anyway
that was all I had to say
but it's alright
we will get by
we will get by
we will get byyyyyy
we will survive

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Time to Disco.

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Ok.. now I'm ashamed. I should have known that! 'Touch' is one of my favorites and the only commercial hit. I just got that 'I will survive' stuck in my head, and it wouldn't stop!
Hate when that happens.
Never had to say a word to anyone Toni. Only had to stand there- there wasn't even a confrontation. The guy picked his shirts up for the tour, and 'forgot' to go to the office to pay his previous balance... so the gentle reminder.

I figure a sense of humor works for any situation.. what I can't control, I laugh about. I think that's partially why I got into plants.

There's certain expectations..
I've grown 6 ft. tomato plants, with very little fruit. Conversely, my uncle could grow 2-3ft. plants with massive yields. He looked at my plants. "Nice Hedges! Go find me a tomato!"
I've watered things to the point that the kids were walking around in snorkels and flippers..and neglected them to the point their next purpose was... kindling.

Live and Learn.
Try and Fail.
Try again.
I will survive.

Ohhhh noooo...

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Know what I do when a song is stuck in my head? Go to youtube.
Sometimes listen to a song of full album. And watch videos, too. I love youtube. Ever go there?

The gentle reminder, 'reminding' someone they owe money could have turned into a confrontation. An awful confrontation.

Hey, at least you got to meet some interesting folks. Know how many people would have loved your job?? If you were female a quick, morning encounter could have turned into an exciting evening. :)

When number of plants increase, one must have a sense of humor.
Still, thinking about sled dogs in your hallway...lolol

Hmm, that wasn't nice of your uncle. Did you grow tomato plants inside or outdoors? What about your uncle?
Who's tomato tasted better? I'd rather a couple good-tasting tomatos than a bunch without flavor.

LOL, your poor kids. Walking around in swimming gear.
Kindling, great for the fire place, if you have a fire place.
Are you planning on adding more plants? If so, which types?

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Morning!.. make that Afternoon!
Yeah, I'm pretty much a regular on YT! Have a channel there.. DeadheadRI.. pretty good collection of stuff on it.. some pretty good gardening/houseplant vids there also, but many give conflicting information.. and it can be tough to sort out the good from the bad. Give some people a camera, and they are 'Instant Experts'!

The reminder only amounted to, "Hey, that wasn't cool!"
"Sorry man, I forgot!" .. "Do you have the money?" "No, see me in Nassau!"

Uncle was a great guy. He could grow anything outdoors, and took over the garden when Gramps couldn't do it anymore. I don't remember which tomato tasted better, if either. I had to let my garden go after several years. Wife's relatives would get to it before I got home, and I'd have to go to the local farm stand to have a salad! Grew some pumpkins for the kids, and some summer squash, hidden behind a sunny fence! Never tried tomatoes indoors..

Adding plants.. Hmmm... I may be at capacity here now. These plants are all going to be much bigger down the road, if all goes well. I'm certainly open to suggestions though. I have all the plants I wanted to have, although I learn alot from you guys, which leads me to think there will be more.. there's always more...

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Is your channel about plants or music? Never tried finding a vid by someones named typed in the search box?

I've watched a few vids regarding plants, but most were about tropicals in zones 9-10, then planting in the garden.

No matter what the vid is regarding there's always conflicting information or disagreements. Why do people not visit a vid they like?? lol.

I'd be furious if someone messed w/my plants. That's one reason plants are over-watered.
A few ppl at my dh's work watered plants while they were on vacation, but forgot to mention it. A second person ended up watering, and at times, a third. At the end of the day the poor plant was drenched.
Outdoor veggies are fairly hardy, but a container plant! Still, people should keep hands off. lol.

I remember thinking there were only a few plants I wanted. lol. That was short-lived. Started with common plants. There was a huge green house that sold plants I'd never dreamed having. Citrus were gorgeous, but I didnt know a lemon tree could be grown indoors. After reading numerous plant books, 'pre-computers' I bought a few rarer plants..that's how it all started. lol.

At the time I wasn't interested in succulents..most sold locally were green Jade plants. Now, I look for rare specimens. There are so many you must get. lol.

Aw, don't listen to me, I'm a bad influence.. lol

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My YT channel is basically just for storage of vids I like. I have ZERO computer skills, So have never posted a vid, nor have I posted a pic online. YT was better before the new format, which has really ruined people finding each other. Look for Brokedown Palace- Grateful Dead by JKSTRAW_ i commented on his vid and you can click me from there, and then to my playlists.. alot of music.. not sure whats there plant related.

In my family, (immediate and extended) I'm really the only one who is so into houseplants- others may have one or two or several, but never in the numbers I have and certainly not in the numbers You have.. I'm surprised there hasn't been an Intervention of some type at your house!

I can't really think of anything I've seen lately where I've said, "I gotta have that."
What do you look for in a plant? Ease of growth? Complexity? I'm looking for a TC or CC, only because it's the first plant I remember as a kid. Is there any difference in these?
How about favorites? With me, it's kinda whichever one I'm with at the moment. Looking forward to seeing what can be done with my recent Scheff. I've seen so many different forms and shapes.. I think i want them all..
How old is that Jade (Ovata)I've seen you post? What's its history with you?


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Charlie, I YT'd BP/GD then typed in the name Jkstraw. Is that you playing guitar and singing?
Wow, you're an excellent guitar player and have a good voice, too. Is that's you.. :)

I couldn't find Brokedown Palace posted by JKSTRAW. So, if it's not you singing, but left a message, I can't find you. lol.

I'll try again has problem with Internet Connection..when this happens nothing opens.

Yep, like you, no one in my family likes/d plants. What do you think made you start? Did you see a plant you liked, or had the urge to father something?
There's so many reasons ppl get started.

Ha, I once made my mother a little terrarium. I explained its needs. One day I go to her house, and there she stood, faucet turned on high, hot water running in the terrarium. lol
Another time I gave her an Amaryllis. It bloomed. She then placed in in an outdoor hallway, mid-winter.
Never again.

I also gave my nieces 3 really nice Sans. Again I explained care. What a waste! All 3 plants sat on the kitchen counter, neglected. All 3 dead. lol.

In the future, my family can go to a big box store and buy their own

LOL, intervention.

To be honest, it's getting harder and harder finding a plant I 'gotta' have. lol. Wonder why???

What do I look for in a plant? Let's see..rarity, foliage coloring..I prefer variegated plants to green. I love caudex plants w/thick trunks. Flowering plants. Of course, price matters too.
There's a beautiful Thanksgiving Cactus, 'Aspen' I've wanted more than a year..One Ebay seller usually has it on auction. But the winning bidders pay 60 plus dollars for a 2" cutting.. Way too much money. Even if it was a mature plant, it's a lot.

I'd also like a variegated, grafted Gardenia that stands at least 3' tall. lol. Impossible!

TC is Thanksgiving Cactus, CC is Christmas Cactus. Yep, there's a difference. TC Cactus has little 'points' on leaves, whereas CC do not.
Most holiiday cactus sold in stores are actually TC, but to make life simple, stores label them CC. Flowers of EC differ, so it's easy to identify.

I can post a link, but don't know if Gw will accept it. Let me try.

The site explains the difference between CC, TC and EC. Explains and has drawings.

Which Scheff do you have? What shape are you aiming for? Bushy or standard? Or both? lol.

I once had a Scheff w/leaves that resembed a rabbit foot..well, the tips had three points. Bought it at a nursery named Franks which is now out of business. Had this Scheff for years, inside a bear bottle w/o drainage.
A friend asked for a cutting. I removed the Scheff from its container, then it died. I can't locate this Scheff anywhere. It was way different from other Scheffs.

What color TC/CC are you looking for? Any special flower color?

My Jade..My dh bought a Jade around 1995. A little plant, but its leaves were huge. I removed one leaf which rooted. It sat in a south LR window, and grew. That's the history of my Jade

I planned on removing the entire Jade from its pot. It's way too heavy. Although I'd feel bad seperating, I'd like to grow one trunk as a bonsai, another as a tree. Problem is, I have problems tossing plants, so I'd have to find a home for the remaining

Roots are so tangled, they'd need to be sliced w/a sharp knife..

Interested? lol.

Another Jade, 'different species,' leaf fell in the side pocket of a Strawberry Jar. The Jade is large, thick trunk. I'd like to remove it, but want to keep the pot. Have to figure how to dig up w/o breaking every single root and pocket. Too much thinking, lol.

Any ideas? lol

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

hey guys!
not to get off on a tangent, but,,
what exactly is the deal with Jades?
i read elewhere (somewhere?) recently, and now here (eaerlier in the thread) where its implied jades might be 'winter growers' ??
all the generic listings ive Googled give the usual 'water in summer, let dry in winter'
care advice,,, set me straight please! how do ya know which type ya have?? :)
and could someone pls help me, w/this fairly common reference here on GW:
'my dh husband' refers to,,,, my DEAR Husband? or...? :O


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Jades (Crassula ovata) will grow at any time, as long as it's warm enough (but not really hot), there's enough sun and some water. In winter is when they flower (cooler temps, short daylight hours). They also do a lot of growing since it's the cooler season in the Republic of South Africa.

In the link is a Jade thread with the usual suspects from the C&S Forum giving the subject whatfor. You will find more information searching there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crassula ovata

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Silent..DH depends. When we females are angry, DH stands for D**N husbands, but for future reference, DH means dear husband.


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hi toni..

Don't know who you YT'd but it wasn't me.. I dont have the skills to post and havent been on stage in a long time..

I run hot and cold with least I have in the past. My grandmother always had a CC around when i was young, but it never bloomed or anything. I remember ripping a leave segment off it, then figuring I'd get in trouble, so I ripped a bunch more off to 'even it up'..
At 19, I moved into my own place, and though there wasn't a plant in sight, there were always some seeds around (Wink wink).. so I'd throw them in a pot.. Ornamental purposes only of course!
When i found myself single at 40, I lived in my mother's unheated beach house with a fireplace.. buying a basil plant for a sauce, I threw the remainder ina pot with some dirt from the yard.. and maybe three leaves total on it.. It survived the winter so I took it to my new place and from that one plant, grew tons of basil..

I'm always giving (or trying to give away) plants, without much success.. "Nah, no thanks Dad. Leave it here and I'll visit it!" Damm kids.

Sixty Dollars for a Cutting? Can you smoke it? When I was 15 yrs old, I bought a '55Chevy Pick-up for $50.00!!!

What do I do with the link? I'm really really bad with computers.. Copy..cut..paste..lather..rinse..repeat.. all gibberish to me!

My Scheff is just a 4 stem pot from Wally.. I want to keep one short and sparse.. let another bush out somewhat.. a third tall and woody.. The last.. maybe add mushrooms and onions and make an Omelette.

What color TC? Aren't they Green?
I'd certainly be interested in a trunk of Jade, but I'm sure there's a long list of members here that would be able to do it justice.. but keep me in mind!

The real reason you can't find a plant you want badly?

You Have Them All!


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Charlie, like you, I don't know much about YT..I followed your directions, or at least think I did. lol. Well, whomever was playing guitar did a good job.
Mostly, when the mood strikes, or a certain song is in my head, I go to YT, type in the name and voila...a video or music.
I don't understand what joining someone's channel either.

LOL, your poor grandma. She probably wondered why her CC was getting smaller.

Of course your 'seeds' were sowen for ornamental reasons. Did they germinate/grow, and bud???

Umm, sauce and dirt..sounds yummy. lol.

There's always ppl looking for plants. Here on GW, there's a forum where ppl trade. Darn, forgot the name of the forum, but if you look through forums you should come across it.
People either trade or pay postage.

Your children want to visit your plants? lol. Good excuse. However, you never know..some time in the future, they may take you up on your offer. Depends on age and lifestyle/s.

Yep, $60 plus. Some sellers think their plants are gold, charge a fortune. Also, they pick numbers out of the air for S&H. Handling sometimes cost more than the plant. It's terrible.
Funny, another GW member and I recently had a similar coversation about S&H unrealistic costs.
But, I guess if someone wants a plant bad enough, and can afford it, they'll pay whatever.

LOl, lather and repeat. Hehe.
I first thought copy and paste impossible; now it's a breeze.
When you want to copy a sentence, paragraph, etc, first highlight, by placing and rolling mouse over words you want to paste.' Like high-lighting w/a marker, high-lighted characters turns blue. Right click mouse on blue, then click Copy. To Paste, set mouse on the space you want to place high-lighted words, right click, then click Paste. It's easier than it sounds. Try it on a blank email.
It takes practice, but eventually comes easy.

What do you mean about keeping one of your Scheffs sparse? Lack of leaves?
Umm, a mushroom, onion cheese omelette sounds delicious. So, you cook, too?

Sorry, I meant to ask the color of your TC flowers. There are so many, solid and bi-colored.

There are variegated TC's, 'leaves' but difficult keeping colors (white or yellow) w/o reverting to green.
Variegated leaf TC's are rare and very EXPENSIVE. If one can even be found. Sellers outside US have access to variegated TC's, charge a fortune for the plant/cutting and shipping.
Last year around Christmas, one Ebay seller wanted 125.00 per cutting, but 'free shipping.' lol Whoop-E-do! I thought he/she would reduce price, but never did. Can't recall if anyone bought a cutting. This may sound mean, but I hope nobody spent that much for a 2-3" segment.

If you're interested in the Jade trunk let me know. It's too late in the year, so I'll probably cut back next spring. Depends on weather.

LOL, unfortunately, I don't have every plant known to man, but enjoy growing different varieties.
But, you're right about having a lot. lol. You wouldn't believe the number of times I walked around the house and outside contemplaing which plants I'd rid. A very difficult choice. Everytime I thought, 'X' plant can go, up came a reason why it should stay.

You said you were in a band. Would I know this band, or was playing something to do to pass the time?
Or maybe you don't want to say, which is understandable.
At least you can say you were on stage. What sound did you play?

Did you know plants like music?

Have a great wkend, or what's left of it.

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YT was much better before.. more social. Now everytime you touch a button, a new ad pops up.
Grandma was OK.. she grew flowers in the yard, and other than that just kept whatever plants were given to her watered- and no more. From the time I picked ip a basketball, she pretty much gave up on the flowers too!
The 'ornamentals' only got to be a foot or so tall, and were fun to look at and receive comments about at parties.

I wonder how people pack up plants for shipping? It cant be that easy! How would you ship a big hunk O'jade?
Kids are much too busy with their lives to appreciate plants.. altho' one son took home a Bamboo that I just wasn't falling for. I did take a branch off it, and threw it in water to root, then put in a pot. It sits there. It's green. It doesn't grow. It has til spring to do something or I teach it how to fly..

I'll have to work on the cop/paste thing.. tried it.. but had no luck. I'm THAT Bad!

I saw a scheff which was kept short and only had 2 leaves coming from it. Would look good for awhile anyway..
I dont have a TC so no flowers to talk about.. but a TC or CC is on the list. Like I have room for it!

Didn't do much in a band. On my own, I wrote some songs, played some guitar.. once at a coffee house in a church basement, I got a kneeling ovation!:-)
At 16, I stole my dad's brand new station wagon, and drove 60 miles to play in a bar.. It turned out to be a 'Gong-Show' type thing.. I came in 2nd.. Losing to "Crazy Harold and his Trombone" Did the One Man- One guitar thing.. had a blast! Got off stage when the babies started being born.. still trying to get published.

I know that plants like music, but the last time I sang to them, the Aloe grabbed a vine on the Pothos and swung across the room. I can take a hint...


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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Hey Charlie! I finally found you! YAY. Looks like this site will take a little getting used to as I dont find it as user friendly as the other. But I book marked this houseplant forum.

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Hi Tiff! Welcome! Glad you showed..

You'll like this one Much better!
The Other site.. notice how everybody has a problem?
Where do all the solutions come from?
People from This site!

Folks..say hi to Tiff..
Crazy people here Tiff! You will fit right in!

Describe your plants for the rest of the class...


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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Hi Charlie. I am having a hard time here. I wanted to look up each of my plants and get information on them but I am not having any luck. Can you help please?


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Hi Tiff... See the search box Up top? Type in your plant of choice preceded by ' and followed by same '
Example.. 'Peace Lily'

What you May want to do to meet a few people and to get some more opinions, is to start a thread of your own.. and describing your situation..

'Hi, I'm Tiff. I have Felix and Jewels (proper names tho') and I need some help with blah blah blah.. thanks.'

PS Charlie Rocks! :-)

Ok you dont need the last line, but jump in Tiff..


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Charlie, nice to meet you...

Well, for me Fall is the time of year my happy mood falls!lol
Yes, I dread having to bring my plants in. It seems that once we put them out in the spring that we have so much time to let them sit out there, that is until fall creeps up on us in the blink of an eye.

As for mine. I do know that jades are continual growers, faster when the weather is cool, and slower when the weather is too hot.

I keep all my humid loving plants in my small greenhouse at this time and through the winter.
All my citrus and other cool loving plants are kept in my cool sunny plant room.

All my succulents will be coming in in a couple of weeks under lights into the basement.

All my Clivia will be stored into the dark left to the dry side.


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Hi Mike! Nice meeting you also!

I'm lucky I guess, that I have this apartment and No plants outside! I've been reading your Inside thread.. some of these folks are really stressing about going inside!

I'm waiting to see this site on Hoarders..
The Garden Web House... :-)

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Seems there's ads on every site including GW. I detest sitting, awaiting an entire commercial on YT before watching a vid or listening to a song.

Seems like all grammas can grow a plant/s without proper care, and they do wonderful.
My grand-mother had an African Violet in a ceramic, non-drainage pot, sitting several feet from a curtained window. Yet, it bloomed like crazy..perfect foliage..she never fertilized, and watered whenever.

My friends mother had several plants including TC/Cc in butter containers. lol..Again, no drainage or fertilizer. Her TC/CC bloomed every year. I don't get it.

I used to work at a plant store where we bagged plants despite size.
We'd packaged w/brown paper called Sleeves. Sleeves were cone-shaped. The bottom of the sleeves had a hole which was set over a metel stand, then the plant was lifted and placed through the top of the sleeve on the stand. The remaining sleeve was rolled up to the top, folded and stapled. Sleeves are still sold, but usually purchased in huge quantities. Or were.
You probably have NO idea what I just

Yep, I think most teens want to grow One certain plant. lol

At least your son was interested in the Bamboo..That's a start, right??? What type of bamboo is/was it?

Have you ever considred growing from seeds/cuttings? If you have room for a plant stand/light, different plants can be grown..Or small plants like AV's, Episcias, etc.

LOL, kneeling ovation.

Did you save your music? Tossing something so personal would be difficult...comes from the heart.

Hey, at least you came in second, even if it was to Crazy Harold and his
We're you embarrassed performing?
In the beginning, Jim Morrison feared looking at the crowd. He'd stand towards the band, back to the audience.

Well, if your plants don't care for your voice, strum instead..:)

Welcome Tiff,

Don't be shy, most people here are wonderful and very helpful.

What type of plants do you have? Planning on adding?

You'll get used to GW. Finding forums and information. After typing in gardenweb dot com, once the page opens, click on GardenWeb Forums. Another page will open listing all forums. Search for the forum you want to enter.. Eg: Houseplants, etc.

On the bottom of the page is a Seach Box, and an option to search a plant in a certain forum or all. Check the box, type in the plant; several new and old threads pop up.

It's nice meeting you. Hope you enjoy GW.

Howdy Mike. Hope everything is settled, and you're well.

Like you, autumn which leads into 'winter,' is a tad depressing. I've always enjoyed season changes, (fall leaf color, winter snow for Christmas,) but my feelings changed. Winter is gray, sunless and way too cold. SADS can be a real problem. Toni

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Funny you should say that Toni, about the AV.. now I remember one on the sill in the pantry that seemed to manage One purple flower for Grams- with the same general care.. water whenever!
I remember those plant sleeves- still in use at the local grocery- saw an Easter Lily going in one, but I've learned Not to buy plants at the grocer anymore.

I've got an Ex-Nephew-by-Marriage(?) who grew One particular plant in his grandmother's basement, but grew 48 of them. He went to jail for awhile when he got caught,... and there is Nothing quite as funny as seeing your Ex-Mother-in-law on the 6 o'clock news! Not charged, but held for 10 hours and made locally famous. I laughed for 6 months.. :-)

The Bamboo was a Lucky Bamboo- I bought it because I liked the pot/vase it was in. His name is Boozle. I named him that because I paid $14.95 for him at the type of place where you can get a wastebasket sized Slushy for $1.99.. The day after, I was in the flower shop only 100 yards from there, and saw the same ones for $8.95! So I figure I was BAMBOO/ZLED! I kept one branch? Cutting? Ok.. I shamelessly ripped it right off the plant! Son doesn't want Any more plants.. he has made that clear!

No embarrassment from performing.. I've done it plenty of times.. there Is a moment of apprehension, but it goes away.. I did a quick three-song set of originals one night at a bar, and saw the owner just off to the left.. "Charlie, are you taking requests?"
"Well, Sure, if I know it!"
"Could you get Off the stage now? The band is here.."

Thanks for watching over Tiff everybody.. saw her over at Dave's and knew she'd be happier, and more informed, over here!


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Hi Charlie,

GRandma's are funny, and w/o knowing have a green thumb.

My MIL's house had a long, unheated hallway with one east-facing window.
On a shelf before the window sat a Geranium. That plant lived for years in heat and icy temps. It's trunk was at least 10' long, and the width was thicker than my wrist.

She kept her house hot year round..I believe she had about 25 plants, ALL loaded w/mealybug.
The mealy was so bad, mealy sat atop mealy..GRoss!

Anyway, one day she decided to relocate her Geranium from the hallway inside her house. I pleaded with her..
The Geranium was insect-free. Well, she moved it anyway.
Geraniums perfer cooler temps, so the heat along caused poblems..then it got mealy. The thick trunk cracked..although her other plants survived considering they were mealy infested, that beautiful Geranium died.

Hmm, maybe grammas don't have green

Oh, I love buying plants from the grocery store, especially when they have 1.00 plant sales. Most are plants I either have or don't want, but every so often....

Too funny about your Ex-nephew and MIL...especially the MIL, if you didn't get along, that is.
Wow, 48 does the law work there? A yr per plant? lol. Did his mother know what he was up to? Or just assume he enjoyed
She made the 6 o'clock news? She must have beeo SO embarrassed..her family and friends, relaxing, watching the news, and up comes a familiar

My front garden was filled w/plants..This was in the 90's. One of my son's friends probably thought it funny, and planted 'seeds' in the center of the garden. At first, I didn't know what it was, but on closer inspection it hit me. I panicked..the police would have had me in handcuffs in seconds..and right in front!! I plucked it out and it went in the compost. Sheesh. When I think

Guess after performing time and time again one gets used to it. Can you imagine how The Beatle's felt? lol.
I'd get on stage and faint. lol.
Are you joking about the owner's request? Hope you are..The band is here! How dare he!!!

What type of guitar did you play? Base? Regular? Electric, acoustic? Do you still play? You said you gave up the band when babies arrived, but one never gives up a love/hobby.

Tiff seems like a very nice person. I enjoy talking to her, and certain others do too.

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Hi Toni..
I like a nice Red Geranium. A friend of my Ex's gave me one a few years back, but we had a fast freeze and it bit the dust. There's a real beauty in the front window of a restaurant I frequent, but the owner told me I'm not the only one she says No! to...
The law is funny here.. he was growing as a caregiver for someone, and the MIL turned a blind eye.. and he grew 2x the allowable amount.. so he played dumb, (easy for him to do) and 90 days and $16k later, he was out causing more trouble..
6 o'clock news was special! Showed His picture, but only showed MIL (in her red robe and shoeless) being led to the police car. He took the blame but everybody knew that she knew..
Do you remember Johnny Appleseed? My friends and I did basically the same thing with seeds..all over the neighborhood!
The bar owner was a friend of mine, so I'd fill in during a break- or to get the crowd going, or to calm them down. I'm all Irish.. Give me a guitar and several to many Coronas and watch out! I started with acoustic, then finally got my electric when I showed some promise, and going back to acoustic which is easier for a writer. I'll mess around with a guitar now and then, but not the 4-6 hours I did daily years ago.. old hands now!


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