this is so sad, I wanted to cry~~

Lamora(4)September 19, 2012

Hi, this belongs (belonged if I can heal it) to a woman that I, EVERYONE thought had a real Green Thumb! She has one in her house that looks real nice, why she did this is beyond anyones guess.

She is about 85yrs old, but still, this is sad. She asked me to "fix" it. I washed all the MUD off, there were hardly any roots to speak of. I put it in MG/furtilizer (not the moisture control) with perlite, a bit more perlite than soil. (I thought it could use the food in the soil, is that ok?)

This is what I ended up with.

I told my husband that IF I can make it come back, she aint getting it back! lol. That would be MY MIRICAL!! (sorry for the spelling, my spell check walked out on me, I think I was overly abusing it! lol)

but what do you think about my new project? any hope at all? I will try to get a better pic of it today. This one didn't turn out too well.

Marjie.. (hopeful for a plant) :)

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Hi Marj,

Was the TC outside? Soil is way too dry and leaves look sunburned.

Are leaves soft?

Soft foliage is most-likely dead. Have you watered?

Also looks like debris is in the soil.

At this point, I'd fear repotting. Instead, I'd remove debris, then top dress with new soil/medium. Fill sink or bowl w/soapy water. 2 drops, dish soap. Let TC soak in water until soil is saturated. Place in bright, 'no direct sun,' spot indoors, or in shade outside.

Wait a couple days. If leaves are still wrinkled, cut them off. If firm, let be.

Unless the root-ball is rotted, the TC should survive.

Then wait.
If you're a SuperThrive user, add 10 drops to water.

Check daily. Water when soil is a little dry. Withhold fertilizer until TC has new growth or leaves resume health.

It temps are cold, 'under 60F' it's better keeping indoors.

BTW, if any leaves are firm, you can try rooting in soil.

Why would your neighbor neglect her plants? Especially if she's known to have a 'Green Thumb?' Toni

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry, but fertilizer won't help an ailing plant, neither applied in liquid nor in the new mix (thought I understood you changed the mix).

No way to tell Marjie, sorry, just gotta give it time & wait. Also try watering from the bottom for the next watering.

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Hopeful, Why she did this is beyond anyones guess, she has a real nice one in her house. She has a lot of nice plants...

There are only a few leaves that are "soft", most feel nice and strong.
I did all this last night before waiting for a responce to this~~ My bad..

The mud washed off real well, almost desolving in the water. I did water it after putting it in new soil.It is sitting under a florencent light now,(no light in house) Now comes the "Waiting Game".

If I was to wait to re-soil it, it is too late now. I don't want to disturb it anymore than neccesary. But I will cut off the soft leaves. Thanks for the heads up. I would have just waited for them to get stronger. Silly me...

My DH talked to her again today about it, she said she got it out of her Dr.'s office, HUGE PLANT!! And they claim it is a Christmas Cactus. It looks more like my Easter Cactus than the Thanksgiving one I have, (that is NOT growing!!) But the leaves have a slightly different shape than the Easter one does. But it is also sick too. So to tell the truth, I am not sure what kind it really is. Going to have to look them up and see.

Can you tell the difference? Would be cool if it was a Chritmas Cactus! (don't tell my daughter tho, she wants to give me one this year)

Anyway, thanks for the responces on this. I still have a lot to learn about this stuff. And I know it. :)

Marjie~ always learning~~Hoping it sticks!

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