flowers101April 16, 2012

I have about 30-40 prisms that are 14" long. Any ideas what I can do with them, preferably something for the garden. Thanks.

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I don't think I have seen prisms that long before.
I think a pretty top, with strings of beads and
and prisms at the bottom, would look great.

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I would hang them from your porch, or trees. Use them in a wire-art creation. They would be beautiful any way you use them. I am green with envy. Please show us what you decide to do. Jlily

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Marlene Kindred could send them to me!! Just kidding...I've never seen prisms that long. I think I would go crazy making suncatchers for the yard!

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Cool ideas----thanks. We're remodeling and this was a chandelier that was hanging over the tub. I removed the prisms before it went in the dumpster and I'm so glad I did. I was also thinking, I have a bottle tree and I'm going to try hanging them from the branches and see how that looks. A lot of possibilities here, all I needed was a start. When I decide exactly what to do, I'll try and post a picture (I've never done that before).

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spedigrees z4VT

I bet the prisms would add eye-catching sparkle to your bottle tree!

I have a small flowering crabapple tree that I adorned with chandelier crystals. They disappear from sight in the summer when the tree leafs out, but they look pretty in the winter and spring when the light catches them.

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Suncatchers! Would make awesome suncatchers! In trees, in flowerbeds, potted flowers...deck railing, anything where the sun can catch it! Jeanne S.

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oh you are so lucky everyone has already told you what I would do with them please if you can post some pics of them when you are done

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ridgetop01(z5 CNY)

I think they'd be useful to keep deer out of the garden, and possibly rabbits/woodchucks/etc, depending on where they hang!

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