When to harvest lettuce and chard

sdmarkusOctober 26, 2012

Howdy folks, the front yard veggie garden is complete and planted as of a month or two ago.

Everything is doing pretty well with much of the lettuce and chard looking ready to harvest. How do I know when it's done? Best to remove the whole head or can individual leaves be removed as necessary?

In the past we let to lettuce go too long and it got a little bitter and went to seed.

Many thanks,


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You can harvest the Lettuce and Swiss Chard as needed starting now.

If you cut a bit higher from the base, it will grow back. I think you are supposed to harvest from the outer leaves first, and leave a couple leaves in the middle.

Nice Lettuce and Swiss Chard though. :)

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

Harvest away! You actually could have started harvesting awhile ago. I Harvest lettuce by breaking off the outside leaves at the base, then just cut the chard off at the base leaf by leaf. It doesn't make sense to me to harvest the whole plant, when it will regrow.


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Definitely harvest chard from the outside - it will keep producing.

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You've gort some good looking lettuce. I agree with others: harvest now by removing outside leaves.

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Alright, thanks everyone! Who's ready for salad?:)

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nancyjane_gardener(Zone 8ish North of San Francisco in the "real" wine country)

I don't know how much chard you have, but I would let it get a bit larger before you harvest. You can certainly harvest now, but I think for the 2 of us, we would eat all of that chard in one meal! It cooks down to about an 8th of what you start with!
Great with onions, garlic, mushrooms and some diced tomatoes, all saute'd or stir fried! MMMMMMMMM Nancy

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From the garden to my belly in under a half hour...I think I'm gonna like this:)

Chard with onion, garlic, sausage and seasoning

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I just started gardening but when my chard was young I used them as a salad. I definitely agree with eating the outside leaves first. My garden is still a work in progress but you can see the chard that I have cut and it is in the bottom right. I have been harvesting chard for over 2 months now.

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Both can be harvested by the individual leaf. Smaller chard leaves are more tender than great big ones, so I wouldn't let them get too big. If you don't live where there's frost, you'll still be eating chard next summer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fall vegetables

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