Losing Variegation

jacqueinthegorge(USDA 8 / Sunset 5)September 29, 2013

Both my variegated creeping fig and variegated tradescantia fluminensis are reverting to green. Why do they do this and can I get the variegation back?

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variegated plants often revert back to green. you need to cut off all green parts/branches, or they will eventually take over the plant. they usually grow much faster too. if they are already big - just plant the cuttings and make a plain green plant.

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jacqueinthegorge(USDA 8 / Sunset 5)

I wAs afraid of that...

It seems to me that low light is at least a factor in reversion - is that your experience as well?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Variegation is unstable; it is normal for most variegated cultivars to attempt reversion. The all-green growth will always be more aggressive than any without a full component of chlorophyll, so keeping an eye on any variegated plant in one's collection and pruning out the reverted growth is essential.

Plus, there are some variegated cultivars that have a very strong tendancy to get back to their 'greeniness' and will do so pretty aggressively.

Make sure that your plants get plenty of light and that might help slow down the process.

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On the other hand, my all-green epipremnum ("pothos") decided to go variegated.

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