Persian shield, for Toni

Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)September 26, 2012

Toni, you asked somewhere yesterday how big my PS is, got the camera out this morning. I have a ton of them all around the yard, in the ground, and just this one is in a pot. I have to remove a branch from this potted one occasionally or it's too big for the porch.

The ones in the yard have better color, from dappled light, but all I can offer on the porch is straight AM or PM. I go with AM for this guy because these things wilt in PM sun in the heat here. On panic night, I'll put every branch I can find in a bottle of water to plant them all around the yard again next spring since the hardiness is marginal and unreliable. Most of last year's roots from plants that were in the ground last year were still alive this spring, but a couple died after surviving winter and making a few leaves. What is that?! The others that did keep growing were much slower to get going than cuttings but eventually caught up.

When I used to have these in OH, they could tolerate a lot more sun, but still as thirsty as Coleus. This is an ugly, defoliated plant inside for winter, but so far, they've always lived through the experience. If I hadn't had to live in an apartment for a year a while back, I think I would still have the original plants from the 90's. In retrospect, if I get in a scrape like that again, I'll get rid of more crud, not plants.

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Purple, I'm green with envy..Your PS is absolutely gorgeous.

It's so full and compact. Do you pinch tips?

Its colors are amazing..silver highlights purple.

I want one

Don't know why some in your garden died after leafing..that's strange. The good news is, the majorty survives winter.

Regarding light. Several years ago, when I bought a couple for the garden, (didn't know they could be grown as houseplants) they had to be planted in shade..otherwise leaves would wilt the following day. Especially when sun was harsh.

Will you keep it outdoors during winter?

Again, it's soooo pretty.

What did you mean when you wrote, 'this is an ugly defoliated plant inside for winter.' You don't mean the PS in the pic??? It's sure not ugly nor defoliated.

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Hey Toni, not until I get

I agree, it is absolutely beautiful!

I think she means that it, that same kind of plant can look pretty ugly come winter, sort of what my geraniums look like by the time spring rolls around.

Its colors are amazing and something like that plant would do all it could do to look that great for months here.

I hope you are all doing well. Please keep the nice plant pics coming Purple? I am having a good time looking at everyone's plants lately:-)
Getting ideas, just in case I find another spot for another one! Yup


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Thanks, glad you like it! I don't usually pinch tips except on the smallest, youngest plants. When a tip is pinched it just creates 2 new tips. But if leaves are removed along the stems, new branches usually take their place. That's the kind of pinching I usually do. On this plant, I usually let the plant decide by dropping an occasional yellow leaf, or growing a branch so long it needs to be trimmed. When it goes inside, I will trim everything back to about 18", repot in spring.

Sorry if I wasn't clear above, I bring this pot inside, then cut all of the branches off of the ground plants and leave those roots in the ground.

"This is an ugly defoliated plant inside for winter."

What I mean by this is that every time I've brought one of these inside for winter in OH or AL, almost all of the leaves fall off. Even if it comes in well in advance of near-frost temps, still looking like it does now. It's easier to pick them off before bringing it in, IMO. I wouldn't attempt to have one inside all year although I'm sure it could be done.

This plant just wants to be in almost bog conditions to not wilt in the afternoon, even if they're in total shade during the afternoon and it just rained overnight. I've even experimented with leaving a hose dripping on one all afternoon. They're on all sides of the house in all different shady exposures (dappled, or a few hours AM, or a few hours PM,) and I totally agree they go in mostly shade, but do need some sun for the best color. If one doesn't recover overnight, it's ready for more water. All of my ground plants are in close proximity to huge trees which exacerbate the dry conditions and win the water competition every time, and the tilth and fertility still need a lot of work out there in general. I've been composting like crazy and soliciting other people's OM.

This corner is kind of a bog, and these plants don't wilt. I put at least 5 gallons of water in the white bucket every day it doesn't rain. The bucket has a small slit in the bottom that dribbles out water over about an hour. I start with whatever's left in our dog's water bucket, then fill the rest with the hose or rain water if I have it. I also put watermelon rinds and other extremely moist green OM at the base of the Colocasia, which it seems to like, and the PS's look happy to me.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hey, came to see what Mike said. Glad you like it! You're right. Plants with stunning leaves are much better than flowering perennials, IMO. They look great from day ONE until frost. For flowers, I'm down to nectar sources for butterflies/hummers, and very little else. Just too many pretty leaves to wait for plain green lumps and bumps to make a few flowers for a few weeks.

...And just realized you can't really see the 5-gallon bucket in this pic. It's behind some neglected, dried fig cuttings and the Colocasia's base. For scale, that's a 4-ft. tomato cage on the Colocasia, sunk about a foot. And something severed the sweet potato vine stem that was making its' way up the corner. I might have stepped on it. Oops!

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Purple, love your Colocasia. Is it hardy or do you dig up in autumn/winter?

Are the variegated leaves from the same Colo? Very nice setup for plants that need bright light w/o direct sun.

Depending on the plant, some leaves are pinched, other get stem cut..
I bought a Purple Waffle Plant, 'can't recall botanical name,' at the grocery store for 1.00. Love their mark downs.
Anyway, I normally pinch the WP. Some Hangers are cut back so new stems grow in.
Purple Heart, 'Secreasea,, sp, is usually stem cut, especilly in late winter, early wpring..otherwise because of lack of sun, it's spindly.

Wow! I knew PS are water-lovers, but never thought about them as bog plants..If I get one next year, must remember your suggestions.
Can you imagine a field of PS? What a sight that'd make.

Oh, does PS flower?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Nodes growing new branches instead of just one leaf.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Ran out of time yesterday...

The Colo is hardy here. I've had it for about 10 years, and has been in the ground here for about 4 years after spending all of its' previous life in a pot. I moved it this spring. It's about 5x as big now so I guess it approves of its' new spot and treatment.

The variegated EE looking thing is Alocasia 'Hilo beauty' although I've also been told it's called Caladium bicolor. It's WAY bigger than any Caladium I've ever had or seen, about 3 ft. tall. Am told it's not hardy here. Just got it this spring, naked bulb bin @ L's. I'm just going to bury that whole corner in about 18" of leaves/grass and hope it comes back. If it does, I'm going to move it where I can see it better. I don't have a suitable place to store it dormant except my Mom's garage.

That's a NW corner, so there's some direct sun briefly in the middle of the day, but a big oak tree nearby puts the shade back after about an hour. The previous spot where the Colo was before was a lot more sunny.

Some of the smaller pups I put on the east side:

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Hey Purple,

Out of curiosity, I Googled PS pics. Clicked on one which brought me back to Gw.
I don't know how to post links from one GW forum to another.
One poster posted pics of her PS in bloom on the Cottage Garden Forum, dated 4/24/09. Name of thread is, 'Purple container Garden.' Month PS bloomed, Sept. She lives in Fl.

Yep, you've got it. That's the Purple Waffle Plant. It looks sad, but can't complain for 1.00. It came in a 5"? hanging pot. The soil is weird, heavy, something isn't peat, just heavy, black dirt. It too needs repotting or at least different soil.

purple, that is a very nice Coleus. Strange name but beutiful coloring. Coleus have so many different shades and leaf sizes.
For whatever reason, I can no longer keep Coleus. When I first started growing plants, I bought a dark purple leaf type. It lived for problems. Now, they die. What am I doing wrong?
Ever see the super large leaf Coleus? They're more $ than smaller leaf types, but worth every penny. I tried growing this variety two years ago, but it bit the dust.

Is the top pic Coleus one plant? Notice how most leaves have purple nearest the tips, the other section has purple in the center?

I wonder how many varieties there are?

I once bought a Hilo Beauty. The seller said it was Alocasia. I posted questions about its care on Tropical Forum. Turns out, botonists debate whether Hilo Beauty is Alocasia or Caladium. Caladium is another plant I can't keep. They're so pretty, but do not like my house.
Anyway, it didn't last long. Another one bit the dust.

Yeah, someone mentioned Hilo's are hardy to higher zones. Hope yours makes it. It's one of the prettiest Alocasias/Caladiums around.

I was going to ask you yesterday, but forgot. I have a potted Colocasia. Been meaning to plant in the garden, but worried about ants. lol

Do you know how to over-winter w/o a pot? It's several years old, with leaves. Do the leaves need removing? Would placing in newspaper work? What about temps and water? Can leaves be cut, soil removed, wrapped in newspaper and placed in a cool, dark room? It's about 2' couting leaves. Leaf color is green, turns deep purple in full sun.

I like your garden setup. Colo in the center, Coleus on either sides. You're so lucky being able to keep certain plants in the garden w/o worrying about freezing.

Wish we lived in a warmer climate. Boo hoo. lol.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Some Perilla snuck into the above pic. They're in a washtub together at the base of a tree. I gave up trying to keep potted Coleus alive over winter, all of the branches get stuck in a bottle of water to wait for spring. There are over 2,000 named varieties of Coleus.

I've overwintered Cannas and glads by digging them up in OH. I put a few sections of newspaper in a large trash bag, after frost killed the leaves, I dug up plants with fairly large clumps of soil stuck to them, put one deep per bag, and stuck in the basement with the bag open. I put them next to an outside wall, under a window well and ignored them until spring. Did that for years and always had more every year. Gave up on the glads when I moved to AL but brought some Cannas. Some are now in the yard here at my house and at my Mom's. Wonder how "old" they really are? First given to me around 15 years ago.

Always left the Colo in a pot when I was in OH for some reason, then just brought in the pot to put in the basement. I don't know if these are the best ways... but that's the effort I wanted to make and they were going to die if I did nothing.

The luck goes both ways, I miss Lilacs, and it's hot/humid here! I want to live in the tropics, with no seasons at all. But beachy, not jungly.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

This Coleus has really big leaves. (That's my honey's hand, not mine.) Got it last year but the leaves were nowhere near this size last year. There were many cuttings this spring to put out but only this particular one made the really huge leaves.

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Hey Purple,

Had to Google Perilla. Many resemble Coleus.

I had no idea there were 2000 types of Coleus..and here, they sell the same types/colors, every spring.

Glads weren't hardy to OH? Strange, they over-winter in IL, sprout the following year/s...the major killer of Glads are squirrels. They eat the darn bulbs!

I'm going to follow your advice about digging up Cannas. Every year I buy Dahlia corms, which are getting too expensive. And, every year I vow to dig them up. Problem is, I don't know the proper time.
So far, they're flowering, and budding, even though we had a couple 32F nights this month.
Do you recall the month you dug up your Cannas? Or better yet, temps?

Here's a pic of Dahlias recently snapped. I really don't want to lose them, once again.

The purple/white flower is a lot larger than the pic..

Wow, your Coleus leaves are big. So, you do have the large-leaf types..sorry, don't know variety names.

You mentioned placing Coleus pots in the basement when you lived in OH. How did they do? Did they get light and watered?

With so many different varieties these days, is there not a Lilac that will grow in warmer locations?

What about Gardenias? Have you tried Gardenia in your garden? Year round....Jasmine?

Girl, there's so many fragrant plants hardy to your zone. You're sooo lucky. AL is beautiful, people friendly, adorable climate.
When we were in AL, I should have chained dh to a pole, and looked for a house while he was detained. lol. Or GA.

Years ago, a friend and I spent a month in Cleveland OH.
Downtown, at least I think it was downtown. Anyway, the area we stayed was similar to IL. However, we drove to a wooded area 'w/OH born friends,' They took us to a forest/woods that had a big, old mansion?, alleged haunted. lol. It was creepy, but all wooded areas at night are spooky. Haunted or not.

Back to plants...Are large-leaf Coleus sold in flats, or do you have to buy baskets, seperate and plant in the ground?
How long do they live in the garden before frost/winter? Do you find them hardier than smaller-leaf types?

If life is better next spring, I'm going to hunt for large leaf Coleus, even if I have to buy a basket or two, then plant in the ground. I really like yours, Purple. All Coleus are pretty, but there's something 'nice?' about larger leaf varieties.

BTW, I Love Cannas, too, but haven't any luck keeping them.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Not that they're not both beautiful, but WOW on the yellow one! Love that sunny happy color! Do you have to stake these things? I don't know if I want to get rid of them or try harder to make sure they don't lean/snap.

Coleus are my main thing for outside. I haven't really done much with flowers the past few years, just foliage. That one with the really huge leaves came up from the seeds I bought last year. I'm pretty sure they were rainbow or wizard "mix." The planter it's in has nothing in it but leaves/grass from the mower bag that I put there last fall. I just stuck the cuttings in the spring and everything in that pot is especially big with especially large leaves. Compost rocks!!! If you're looking for plants with large leaves, try to find ones from the "Kong" series, called so and known for having larger-than-normal leaves for Coleus. Any Coleus I plant after I'm sure it's not going to frost, and they all die as soon as it does, IME anyway. I totally agree, a pretty leaf is even better when it's bigger! Especially if you wear bifocals...!

It's been quite a while now, but I remember digging the glads up. Must have read something that made me think I needed to. Whenever I've dug stuff up to save like that, including Cannas, I wait until frost ruins the foliage. There's a couple weeks where you can still see it well but it's dead on top. That's when. Cold and wet work but worth it. Here's some Cannas given to me in OH, save in the basement every winter for years, then moved to AL. They all went in my Mom's yard until I dug some up to bring over here this summer. July I think.

If I said above that I put Coleus in the basement, it's a typo, sorry. I would have meant to say Colocasia. Also did that with Cannas until I got too many to have them in pots. When I started putting them in the ground and digging them up, it was the open plastic bag lined with newspaper thing. Tried keeping them not dormant in lots of light and they did stay green but got spider mites terribly and I ended up cutting them off to regrow when I put them back outside. They grow better in the summer if they've been dormant for the winter I think.

Vitex grows here (for lilacs.) But syringa won't, needs more dormant time if I remember correctly why. Yes, there's Gardenias! Had great success propagating the one in the yard. Just yesterday I added 4 new ones to the yard, and gave 2 pots to my Mom. Hopefully they'll take off! I remember seeing a pic recently of a really healthy Gardenia of yours. I've tried that and it never lived one winter. Great job on that!!

Man, I did it in the rain one morning so I wouldn't pass out from the heat. Everything was drippy and dirty, and Mom's dog kept trying to get me to throw her tennis ball. I was all bent over in a thicket of stuff and getting jumped on by a wet, dirty golden retriever throwing a ball in my way constantly. By the time I was finished, it looked like I'd lost a...

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

This Caladium is near that really big Colocasia. Looked really pretty earlier between patches of rain. It's bigger than all of the others, too. Magic recipe of compost & dog spit. LOL!

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Purple, thank you. I love Dahlias, but digging at the right time is a problem. Either too cold or very rainy season..then, trying to find corms/tubers is a chore.
But, they're beautiful, flowering plants. If I could afford it, I'd plant various Dahias in the front garden...nothing but.

Yep, the taller Dahlias need staking, otherwise they fall which is the reason the purple and white flowering Dahlia didn't reach full size. It was lying horizontally. The stems/leaves usually don't need staking though.

Rainbow Mix Coleus seeds are sold here, but not Wizard or Kong. When on sale, .10 a pack.
Did you ever sow Coleus seeds indoors then plant seedlings outside, or sow directly in dirt? How long do seeds take to germinate and do they need soaking before sowing?
Think I sowed Coleus seeds once, (90's.) I believe instructions on packet suggested keeping seeds in water overnight..

Canna's sold here are pretty, 'they look so tropcal,' but shorter types..There's a variegated that's really nice-looking, but only gets 12-18" w/o flowers.
Purple, you're giving me

Seems, some Glads are hardier than others. For instance, one type I planted, considered, black flowers..They died during winter, yet purple, pink and bi-colors sprouted and grew. That is, until one winter squirrels dug and ate? bulbs. On the south side of the house I planted Glad then Hollyhock, Glad then Hollyhock from back to front.

Thanks..instead of keeping my Colocasia in its pot in light, I'll winter them in the basement with Plumeria and Daliahs. In darkness. That reminds me, I have to set my Ammaryllis somewhere where it doesn't get light..hopefully, it will bloom around Christmas.

Had to Google Vitex and Syringia. Vitex looks like a Butterfly Bush/Tree 'Buddleia' Know if they're related?
Are they fragrant?

Oh, Syringia's common name is Mock Orange. Last spring, I planted Mock Orange, 'no botanical name,' in the garden. It's said to be hardy..(Wonder how many plants with the common name, Mock Orange there are.) Murraya's, 'common name,' is Mock Orange..definately not hardy here.

Mock Orange planted in the garden, if it lives, have white Flowers, very frangrant/variegated leaves, although lost variegation.

Purple, I'd love to see your Gardenias, especially in bloom. Do you fertilize and if so, what type do you use?
My Gardenia, 'btw, thanks,' is fertilized with, time-release, Azalea/Rhodo fertilizer.
Do you happen to know which species your Gardenias are?

OMG, I can imagine you in the rain and mud, working on plants, and doggie wants to play ball. Would love seeing a pic of that, too. lol. Yep, at a certain point one would have to laugh.

Don't know how many times while strong winds blew, rain pouring, I'd run down the street chasing a plant or pot. By the time collecting both plant and pot I looked like a drenched

Look at your Cannas..nice and tall, beautiful, red flowers.
Cannas are very tropical-looking..they might be tropicals, don't know. Leaves remind me of Bananas or Bird of Paradise.

The town next to ours, 'downtown,' which consists of one long block, has huge containers, every so many feet apart, with large Cannas in the center and various hanging plants on the edge. One year they potted Bananas instead of Cannas, but guess the town wasn't happy since they were never used again.

I'd love to know what they do w/their plants in late autumn..Someone said they were tossed, but think the person made it up. Heck, I'd take That'd be a terrible waste. Most in that town are upper-middle class, pay high taxes, so it's possible plants are discarded.

I'd like to know who plants and takes care of the plants, maybe talk to them and ask where plants go.

The area my Coleus usually go, isn't half the size of yours, but fits a good number..Since we didn't buy annuals this year, the only plant growing there is that Callisia cutting. It's nice an purple, has runners, no blooms though.

Can't wait until next spring..getting exited talking about plants. lol

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Coleus seeds need light to germinate, and there's not enough space in here to do seeds inside. I think it's too cold in here, too, don't think Coleus would be happy as seedlings, or if they would sprout. But by March 1, it's usually fine to start gardening outside here. Next time you see that .10 seed pack, I think it would be money well spent. Just scatter them (uncovered) where you want the plants.

I don't know what kind of Gardenia shrub is in the yard. It was here when I moved in & I just love it. A couple times I've sat down to figure out which one it is, but I don't see how people tell these things apart, I can't. Once in a while I put some all-purpose granular fertilizer at the base, but am not very scheduled about it. It can make a flower at any time, but the major bloom seems to be around the beginning of the year. As I'm sure you know, it only takes one flower to perfume a pretty large area.

Next year's project is to propagate the Daphne shrub at my Mom's house. Oh jeez that's a good smell. Have you smelled Dapnhe? I never did until moving here. She's also got an extremely fragrant native Rhododendron I'd like to spread to this yard. It makes spider-looking light pink blooms early in the spring. The flowers only last about a week but smell SO GOOD!

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Purple, I'm jealous..Your Caladium is so pretty. Do they need digging or are they hardy?
I see the tip of your Colocasia peeking out, to the right of your Caladium. Seeing the Colo pretty much indicates how large your Caladium leaves are.

Am I wrong or do Caladium leaves all have a wee-bit, different color hues? For instance, your leaves are green and white with light and dark pink blotches.
The green and whites sold here, are green and white. No pink hue, even in sunlight. And leaves are half the size..There are large leaf Caladiums, but not the green and white..I see them in nurseries every year...youngin's and adults.

Good idea..if there are any seeds left at the stores, and they have Coleus mix, I'll buy a couple packs..
I've sowed Coleus years ago.. seeds are mid-sized..not ash-like. Close to 4 O'clock size.
That's how my 4' O'clocks were started several years ago. Bought two packs, spread seed on the side of the house..they sprouted and been here since. (die back after frost) I had no idea they were hardy to z5. They're very pretty, Frangrant, so they stay.

I believe Gardenias can be ID'd by the flowers..Leaves, unless variegated, look the same, to Maybe others can see a difference. There are mini, trailing Gardenias, with tiny green or variegated foliage...of course, one can tell the difference between a mini and standard.

As long as the soil is slightly acidic, your Gardenias should go on for years. If your mom fertilizes her Rhodos with Azalea/Rhodo fertilizer, maybe she'll offer some to you...spread around your Gardenias, away from trunks.

Oh yes, one Gardenia flower is quite fragrant..imagine a 'denia packed w/blooms.

Someone on another GW forum named a nursery that sold, hardy to z5 Gardenias. Maybe you saw the thread? I considered buying one, but price was 29,99, plus shipping. If I KNEW it'd survive, I splurge, but that's a lot of $ for an experiment.

Purple, HD sells Daphne's, but I wonder if they're the same species that grow in higher zones.
I googled Daphne pics...the leaves are gorgeous..Are flowers small or mid-size? The Dapnhe's at HD were not flowering.
I thought Daphne's grew bushy, had green foliage, and tall, spikey flowers. Must be a different plant.

Daphne photos on Google show bushy plants, with variegation, throughout and edges of leaves, but flowers differ..
There was one picture of a Daphne on Google, that looks exactly like a plant I bought at HD two years ago. The bush I have is listed as a Euphorbia..Are Daphne's succulent, or in the Euphorbia family? It's never bloomed, but maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Fragrant Rhodo? I've never heard let alone seen a fragrant Rhododendron. Didn't know they existed. Is the scent strong? Also, never heard/seen Rhodo flowers that resemble spiders. lol. Bet it's beautiful. See, that's what I mean about the difference between hardy plants that grow here opposed to higher zones..
Do you happen to have a pic of your mom's Rhodo in bloom? IF not, please snap one next spring.

The only spidery-looking flower here, and not truly spidery looking is Cleome. Ever see Cleome? They're not fragrant, but flowers are pretty and unique. When I add them to the garden, I spread seeds in the front, nearest the house. Depending on temps, they can germinate in days or weeks. Once they sprout, they're fast-growing, tall, (need staking) and filled w/white, non=fragrant flowers. Around the end of July/Aug, hundreds of seed pods grow. I've saved then forgot about them come spring. lol. But, they too are sold for .10 a pack. I think there are pink-flowering Cleomes, too, but have only grown white.

Purple, do you grow hardy Mums? I love Mums in autumn, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes.
My favorite Mum is called Football Mums, but they're not as hardy as other hardy types.
I bought the bulbs/corms once from a nursery in IL..they came up two years in a row, but either died or squirrels decided they were tasty.
Talk about huge flowers! My goodness, they were amazing. Needed were too heavy for stems, guess that's the reason they're called Football Mums. Also, they'd should have been planted in a brighter location.

Mums aren't fragrant, but are nice-smelling. Fresh, pure...can't explain it.. Know what I mean?

Do you like Tulips, Daff's, Snow Crocus and Hyacinths? Snow Crocus is the first plant that pops up and flowers..Even when there's snow. Tiny but cute. Once they are seen, you know spring is near.
I adore Hyacinths...they too are early bloomers, and very fragrant. I normally buy dead bulb plants, from the 'Dead Cart,' in the bulbs/corms, then sow in October. Prices are usually, dirt cheap.
Got Lily of the Valley and darn, can't recall name, something Heart, in the dead cart in the 90's when I started outdoor gardening. They too were .10 a plant. Came home w/dead foliage plants...dh thought I really lost it. lol.

Gotta love plants...

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

The Caladiums aren't listed for Z8 but keep showing back up so far, 2-3 winters, depending on particular clump. I don't know what made that one have the pinkish blush. Last year it was all white/green. Good question!

My Mom ended up with a 4'o'clock tuber that kept coming back at her house in OH (5b.) (Started from seeds.) It was against a west wall. When she moved down here, I dug it up for her and it was as big as a football!! But she planted it under some crape myrtles and it was shrinking over the years, not enough light. So I dug it up and brought it over here a couple months ago. It looks happier now. What a long, strange trip that tuber's had, huh? Glad you found a perennial spot for yours, cool!

I was totally surprised to realize the plant we kept sniffing was an Azalea/Rhodie also. Now I don't remember which one, one of these, I think the first. It blooms really early.

As far as I know, Mom's Daphne is D. odora. It's under a Magnolia tree and really could use more light, doesn't look that great, so I haven't tried to ID it. Just know that I'd like one (or more) over here. I don't know how hardy they are. The little pink flowers aren't much to look at but smell incredible!

Not falling for Mums anymore. There's some yellow ones that were here when I moved in. They bloom in June. Every time I buy purple ones they die.

There's bulbs all over the yard. I keep finding them in the yard, and we appropriated a ton of them from an abandoned house the past couple springs. Mostly daffs, but some glads, Lycoris radiata, an Amaryllis, cute little pink Oxalis, Crinum, and some that haven't bloomed yet, so it's a mystery. I don't usually buy them though. They always get eaten. And Hyacinths are just frustratingly short. Fragrant flowers should be tall enough to smell!!!

Done what I can to make this yard better, mostly with more shrubs like Gardenia, Hydrangea, roses, lantana, butterfly bushes, confederate roses, figs, redbud tree, whatever I can propagate, and donations from others' yards. Sure is fun when it 'works!' Newest spot is below. Next year these baby plants should be big enough to be noticed. I didn't spend a dime over here except for a yellow knockout rose bush that matches the house. Found the bricks at that abandoned house where all the bulbs were.

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The climate has changed drastically the last 5-10 years. Except for 3 weeks last winter, most of my indoor plants could have lived outdoors.

Annuals, such as Salvia, sp, Petunias, and a few others came up this year.
My Gardenia, which is tropical, spent more time outdoors than in the house..even during Dec/Jan.

Do you notice climate change there? Warmer days in winter. BTW, what month does winter start? Unofficially...
Perhaps that's the reason your Caladium resprouted?

Talk about fragrant you like Sweet Peas? Flower colors are fantastic, espeically those w/two colors. I planted a few two years ago..they popped up and have bloomed all summer..they're sweet-smelling..

I've never dug up a 4 O'clock...wonder if they're tubers?
They're planted on the south side of the house. Somehow, one seed/ling found its way on the north side, growing through a crevice on the walk, against the house..same w/a Morning Glory. Dh calls the MG, his. lol. He waters and checks it's at least 20' tall. Both plants are growing in crevices.

The first Azalea/Rhodo in the first pic is really really nice. Don't have time to read the entire site, 'got a doc appt at 3,' but those posted are soooo pretty.

Mike told me about an Azalea called, 'Innocence' that is highly fragrant, so I found a baby plant on Ebay. It's still small, and no blooms, but hopefully next year.

I would think Daphne's need a lot of light. Is this Daphne?

Mums bloom in June there? I thought they needed cooler nights to set buds???
Yellow sounds pretty..I love yellow flowers.

I only have one purple, lol, Mum growing, but if everything is better next year, I'd like to add more Football Mums.

Purple Mum

My garden is a mess, Purple..that's what happens when one is sick for two months..There's weeds everywhere. What a disaster!

What type of animal is eating your bulb plants? I intentioneally planted Daffs because its said they deter squirrels/rodents. Seems to work, but could be coincidence.

You're lucky finding bulbs in your yard and the abandoned garden. Probably difficult ID'ing most though, right? Or can you tell one bulb/corm from the next?

Oh, forgot to ask...what type of Magnolia does your mom have? The variety w/waxy flowers? That's my favorite. Don't think they're hardy here, but they grow in Springfield, which is about 250 miles south of us.
Flowers are gorgeous and fragrant. I had a Magnolia planted in front. Last summer it died..It had to be 5-6 yrs old, don't know how it happened.

I'd love seeing a picture when your bulbs are in bloom. What month does Amaryllus and Crinium bloom?

Purple, you did a great job on the garden area. Even the bricks are perfect, free to boot! :)

Wish my eyesight was better so I could see/ID some plants growing in that strip.
Is the first plant, w/purple leaves, Amaranthus? It's so pretty and Purple. :)

Ever grow Amaranthus 'Party Time.' That is BEAUTIFUL!! Didn't buy any this year, but will next spring, if everything's okay. It's rarely sold here, so has to be ordered online. Which sux.

Anyway, you've done a fantastic job, Purple..don't you feel good when digging/planting is finished..sitting back, toward your garden, relaxing, with a ice-cold glass of home-made, Sweet/Sun Tea???

My dh is from TN..his mom made mostly southern cooking and always had fresh tea. I've never tasted home-made tea of any type, but loved it from the first sip.
When we were in TN, dh's family made enough food for an army, all DELICIOUS. And the baked sweets..OMG!

Still don't care for grits Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I can't tell if your pic is a Daphne or not. Wish I was more familiar with them. Beautiful MUM!

Since I've only lived here 5 years, I'm not really in a position to gauge the normalness of the weather. Since humans have only been tracking the weather for such a short time, I'm not sure we really know what normal is in the grand scheme of things. However long ago, you would have been under a glacier where you are. Who knows?

That's cool that your hubby has "his" vine. What color are the flowers?

I don't know if all of the Mums bloom that early (June) here or not. They have them now at WM and places like that, but I haven't noticed any in people's yards. By now, the yellow mums I have are completely under other plants that have grown taller over and around them.

I haven't bought bulbs in a long time, but assumed it was squirrels, ate crocus, hyacinth, something did. I'd just rather spend my money on more Coleus. I have no idea still what some of these bulbs are that I've found. I just stick them wherever there's a spot. Hoping some are Lycoris squamigera. If they're still here after all these years, the squirrels must not like them. The Lycoris radiata is blooming now in the area, but most of my bulbs were moved within the past year and only a few flowers showed up. I don't even remember where they all are, I dug up hundreds from the lawn and stuck them all around my yard and Mom's, like a squirrel burying nuts. Amaryllis blooms in April, Crinums are blooming now, if I'm correcting the right word to the right plants. There are a bunch of southern bulbs that are a mystery to me still.

Mom's Magnolia is M. grandiflora, southern Magnolia, with big white flowers that are very pretty but smell like lemon Pledge. Phew, I hate 'em but lots of people like them. You can't beat it for shade though, 100% coverage, evergreen.

Up front in that pic of the new strip is Perilla 'Magilla.' What a plant! Can't say enough good things about it. There's a few Coleus mixed in, that's where those flower stalks are coming from. P. 'Magilla' doesn't flower. To the left of that is Persian shield. Moving farther away is SPV and Datura. Behind that is a Mimosa stump that I'm still trying to kill, with mystery bulbs in front of it. The rest of the greenish mass is a couple pepper plants, a knockout rose, 4'o'clock seedlings that something has eaten almost all of the foliage from, some Gardenia cuttings that I hope take off next summer, and down at the end is more SPV and T. zebrina that I stuck there Saturday so it wouldn't be so naked. Next spring I'll fill the whole thing with more Perilla, Coleus, whatever interesting things I have that will fit between the tiny baby shrubs. I know they'll take a few years to develop a commanding presence there. I still need to finish on the other side of the fence, removing the grass. You can't see it behind the EE's, but there's still a strip of it along the fence.

I have...

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Oh wow knockout purple! And seeing that Coleus makes me miss mine!

    Bookmark   October 3, 2012 at 4:42PM
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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Thanks, greenlarry!

    Bookmark   October 4, 2012 at 9:02AM
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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

I confess I need to Google Persian shield as I'm not familiar with this plant. And I want one!

    Bookmark   October 4, 2012 at 1:17PM
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Purple, that's okay..sometimes it's difficult destinguising one perennial from another..especially at a distance.

I agree about the weather. 1-million years ago, IL could have been a tropical paradise or a land of ice. Like the Ice Age. Thank goodness I wasn't around..60 is too cold.

Purple, dh also sowed peanuts 'squirrel food peanuts,' and Aristocholia..
LOL. Sowed from dirt in the yard in a plastic flat w/o drainage..
Here are his pics.

A month after propagating.

In windowboxes

Can't find Aristocholia. But, turned out it wasn't the variety I was hoping for..the type that can be grown as a house plant.

His 4 O'clock is pink/lavender. 4'Oclocks are fading from hoo. Flowers are now half the size they were in summer.

See Purple..that's the reason you need Football grow tall..2-4'..can't miss are huge.

Most likely, squirrels ate your you see deer?
Are your Amaryllus the same type we in northern/cool states grow around Christmas? One, big bulb, a pretty flower in the center..???

It's possible your June mums are florist mums? Here, a Florist Mum, 'can,' grow a second year if mulched heavily.
But, hardy Mums flower in autumn.

There are different types of Magnolias. I thought those in the south's, flower, had a waxy texture. Pics in catalogs looked waxy..southern Mags are not hardy here..think it said z7 and up.
Those in Springfield are a little different from the Mag I had..But flower scent was similar..very sweet..unlike lemon Fragrance was closer to citrus/Jasmine.

Purple..if you get a chance, can you snap pics of strip/sections? I didn't see half the plants you mentioned like Crinium, Datura, etc. Or is it too late in the year?

Actually, behind the fence, there is a strip of land, but I assumed it was your neighbors..Great, more space to add plants..:)

Every so often, an, in-the-mall-temp-nursery sells Amarnthus..including Party. It's colors are vibrant...other relatives turn very deep purple..especially in bright light. They don't do well in direct west/south summer sun, but in shade colors aren't as vivid, with spindly growth. One seller on Ebay usually sells my last Party from him a couple/few years ago.

I was actually talking about Sun MIL used to make several bottles. She'd use Lipton, add sugar, water, etc, then set in the was delicious.
Ever hear of Cracker Barrel Restaurant? They have sweet tea that's wonderfully delicious..the further south, the better taste..ummmmm.

I love fried, breaded Okra..MIL used to make that, too. I also know what you mean about peas. lol. Not round, green peas we're accustomed to..Are they called black eyed peas? Have to ask dh. He grew up eating southern food.

I've heard of Green, fried tomatoes, but never ate them. How are they eaten? On bread? Alone?

Sweet Potatoes..Yummy..After eating my SP's, you gain 100lbs. lol..I add a good amount of sweets plus spices like cinnamon and clove..Brown sugar, granulated, marshmellows, butter, a little orange rind and pecans. They're delicious..Wish I had some made up now..Getting hungry.

Purple, we have 3 things in common..plants, food and music.

Larry, Persian Shield/Strobilanthes is usually sold during spring and summer in garden centers. They're also sold as house plants, but what a difference in cost.
Go to a garden center to purchase if you plan on getting one.
It's the same with Asparagus Ferns/Plumosis..they're sold inexpensively in garden centers, but when house plant is mentioned, the cost goes up..

Purple's PS is quite a beauty..Obviously, she's done a lot of work growing that plant..If one is in a pot, unless pinched, it grows upright, not as compact as hers.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

True about the pinching - the ones left to their own devices just make a few really tall branches. But most branching plants just do this.

Toni, I almost hate to tell you this but asparagus fern is another horrible weed here. The seeds make a mess of perennial sprouts. Uhoh!

Girrrl, can't believe you've never had fried green tomatoes! They're one of my fav foods. They're good plain, or dipped in ranch. In New Orleans I ordered some served with r�molaude sauce. Those were the best! They're done with both batter or breading, depending on who's doing the cooking, and all good, IMO. My gramma taught me a very simple method with a bit of sugar in flour, but I've decided I like them more savory, with rosemary, a little garlic, and a spicy ranch or southwest sauce for dipping.

OK, here's some more pics...

Mystery bulbs with Oxalis debilis.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Amaryllis, this week, I *think* it's the same as what you would have, don't really know.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Blooms from April.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Mystery bulbs I think are Crinums, with a Glad to the right. Those poor glads had been mowed for years.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Lantana cutting I just planted last weekend.

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Purple, since you posted your beutiful PS, I think quite a few ppl will be searching for one, two or three.

You're kidding about Asparagus Fern, right? No, guess you're not..You wouldn't believe how much they cost when sold as house plants..

Ones weed is another Orchid..even Orchids.. :)

Nope, never ate fried, green tomatoes..heard the name, even saw an old movied called Fried Green

Something to look foreward to. Are tomatoes unripe or is it a type of tomato? How does one find a green tomatoe? lol. This year we didn't plant veggies..if unripe is needed, it wouldn't be a problem locating.

Are they deep fried or little oil? You're making me hungry

I love red tomatoes, mayo, a little black pepper on toast..umm, it's delicious.

Ok, let's see..
First, Purple, I feel bad you went outside to snap pics..
Hope the weather is nice..

Let's see, the first mystery bulbs could pass for Amaryllis, but that's a guess..
Is the pink flowering plant your Oxalis? If so, it's gorgeous..Never saw green Oxalis w/pink blooms. Very nice.

Second pic..Leaves look similar to the Amaryllis we grow here..what about its flower and when does it bloom?

Pic 3. Beautiful!!!! Now, is that Amaryllis or Crinium? I get mixed up with both.

Pic 4...too young to tell. I'd like to see the Crinium when in bloom.

Lantana..Can't believe Lantana blooms late there. There's different size Lantana..happen to know which you have?
HD sells grafted Lantana trees..cost 39,99..yeah right. They're beautiful when full and flower.

Is Lantana hardy, or do you take cuttings? 'over winter.'

Your SPV is a pretty color, too..Have you ever grown SPV upright? Wonder if leaves grow larger.
Of course, the stake would have to be 20' tall.

What type of bark do you use?

    Bookmark   October 5, 2012 at 2:08PM
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the photo you posted couple days ago & asked if it was Daphne looke like a sage to me - Salvia officinalis 'Tricolor'. Your flickr photo is labeled as hardy I seeing things?
Daphne has 'waxier' leaves, salvia much softer and if you rub it between your fingers, it has nice smell. Euphorbia has white sap that is often irritating. Just wandering...Rina

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Hi Rina. Nope, you're not seeing things. lol.

Purple mentioned Daphne. I Googled Daphne Pictures. One photo, 'listed as Daphne,' popped resembled my ??? plant/perennial.

The tag on the pot of my perennial read Euphorbia. But, we all know how reliable tags can be. Besides, I didn't think any true Euphorbia was hardy to zone 5.

Anyway, I asked Purple if she thought my perennial was a Daphne instead of Euphorbia like the tag states.

So, nope, you're not seeing things. lol.

Yep, Euporbia has white sap that can cause skin irritation. Wonder if my plant is Euphorbia, if snapping a leaf will leak sap? Or would I have to cut a stem?

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Ha, are those peanut plants I just saw? I've grown one as a house plant myself, tiny yellow flowers and incredibly strong growth!

    Bookmark   October 6, 2012 at 11:39AM
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Larry, yep, they're

How did yours do as a house plant? Yep, yellow flowers that open when sun is out and close at sunset or remain shut on cloudy days..

Did you get yours to flower indoors? If so, very good!! How long did it thrive? I thought peanuts were annuals, but have no idea now.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Yea I was working ass a gardener at the time and found a peanut with a root, so took it home. Kept it as a house plant and had to rept it twice in that year, such a voracious grower! It flowered indoors then got all leggy and just petered out I think- it was back in 2003 or 04.

Ive also grown ginger, didnt flower but got HUGE! And a potato plant.

    Bookmark   October 6, 2012 at 12:08PM
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Larry, always proof-read before submitting...Read the first, five words you typed. lol.

One treat working in the plant industry is finding & keeping new specimens. First pick of the crop. :)

When you said you've grown Gingers, did you mean started from ginger root? What about the potato?

I once tried ginger root bought at grocery store...never sprouted.

I also grew a regular, white or red potato which took, but stems looked like celery stalks. lol. Boring.

Sweet-potato/yams are pretty, but most if not all are now sprayed w/a retardant that prevents rootng. I swear, they ruin everything.

Also tried sugar cane, beans, apples, and citrus.

I have a book published in the 70's called, 'Starting from Scratch.' Most plants in this book regard grocery-store produce.

Sugar cane never sprouted, nor did apples.

Citrus seeds germinated and grew..One lemon stood 2-3' tall, but extremely thorny..Very healthy and shiny foliage.
I have lemon trees purchased from Fl..ironically, leaf scent from the lemon sowed from seeds is much stronger, more lemony than nursery-bought lemon trees.

Do you still have the Ginger? If so, can you post a pic? What do leaves look like?

    Bookmark   October 6, 2012 at 12:54PM
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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Lol Toni!
Re the Ginger, it was a piece of root, kept in a warm dark place to sprout it. I kept it for a few months, it was a monster!

    Bookmark   October 6, 2012 at 1:20PM
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Larry..What I mean..was the root from edible ginger bought in a produce/grocery store or the root of ornamental ginger?

Variegated Ginger

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Sorry yes, it was from a piece of culinary root, probably Zingiber.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

The tomatoes used for fried green are unripe regular toms. As soon as they start to turn white, they're too wet inside to fry well.

Yes, the weather is nice & sunny, still warm but has cooled off to about 85 the past couple weeks..

I think the Lantana is L. camara, hey, that's what's "eating the fence" in the pic I put of our back yard in "good guy to the rescue" thread. They're 6-7 feet tall. I did the cuttings by just snipping a few pieces, placing in water until roots showed up, about 2-3 weeks. Tried some more about a week ago but they look dead already. Maybe too late in the year.

I love growing kitchen discards, and fun when something happens! Carrot tops, garlic cloves, onion butts, celery hearts, the sweet potatoes we grew last year were from potatoes I got at the grocer store. Thought we got them all out but they came up again in 2 spots this year. I also planted a bunch of eyes from regular (not sweet) potatoes but it got so dry this summer, they didn't grow. That book sounds really cool, Toni.

    Bookmark   October 7, 2012 at 6:07PM
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It's 42F degrees..supposed to go down to 31F tonight. So, once again, I'm rushing to get as many plants inside. My Hoyas are still out..there's no way they'll be in tonight. Sheet.

Larry, to be honest, I don't know the botanical name of edible Zingiber is grown as a pot plant, but might be edible too. Something to research.

Purple...Oh oh, the first line of your sentence sounds scary..white, fried Next year, if/when you have time, please send me the recipie/s.

85..Wish it was 85 here..heck, wish it was 65...:)

You have the best luck, talent or both rooting clippings. I doubt rooting Lantana is simple. I know it isn't, tried it once before, unsuccessfully..
Yeah, it is late in the year...even plants that root year round take longer..if at all.

Other than tomatoes, I didn't know you grew edibles, too. I'm surprised sweet potatoes took, since they spray with retardant. Maybe all sp's aren't sprayed.
Dumb question, but what are eyes of the potato? lol. I've heard the word before, but what and how exactly is it planted?

Oh, 'Starting from Scratch,' book..thank you. Once some woman emailed, 'few yrs ago,' asking me to fax 79 pages to her. I told her I didn't own a fax machine..she then asked me to 'TYPE THEM OUT.' lol..Yes, ma'am, right away..

    Bookmark   October 7, 2012 at 6:40PM
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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

"Oh, 'Starting from Scratch,' book..thank you. Once some woman emailed, 'few yrs ago,' asking me to fax 79 pages to her. I told her I didn't own a fax machine..she then asked me to 'TYPE THEM OUT.' lol..Yes, ma'am, right away.."

Hey, I'll take a copy of that! You're about finished right? Holy ___!

Sweet potatoes, I read about that retardant spray after I had potatoes in the ground. Maybe they were local and it wasn't used or one of those dumb luck things that work when people don't know it's not supposed to. I just cut 2 potatoes in half and buried the pieces a few inches down. They grew vines all summer, and we dug up the potatoes when frost killed the foliage. Yum! About 25 potatoes last fall, and what will come from what's grown back this year is yet unknown. Not bad for a few minutes' work and the cost of only 2.

Thanks for the kind words, but I don't put up pics of the failures. There are definitely some. I just do so many, I end up with plenty of successes. That's my fav thing to do with plants, chopping them into pieces and watching them grow back.

The eyes are where the foliage sprouts out, the black holes. It takes a very small amount of the inside attached to the eye on the peel to start growing more potatoes.

The spot we call veggie patch is for ugly/unruly plants like sweet potato, tomato, zucchini, cantaloupe. But all around with the flowers and Coleus I have peppers, Basil, sometimes a broccoli, lettuce, spinach, okra, onion, garlic, the other experiments I mentioned before. I want some purple eggplant plants next year, and purple cabbage. Tried swiss chard seeds but it was too dry where I put them.

Veggie seeds are cheap, worth trying where there's a spot.

When you want to pick a tomato that's as big as possible but still green, you notice way too much about how they ripen. Between green and red, they are white for a time. The immature seeds are too wet, gelatinous for frying *as well* when they go from white to green.

In case anyone wants to copy/paste:

Slice green tomatoes fairly thin, usually 5-6 slices per slightly-smaller-than-tennis-ball-size.
Moisten slices in water, then coat with:
mixed: 8 parts flour, 1 part sugar, some salt/pepper
Fry in oil, flip when medium-going-on-dark-brown.
Drain on paper towel & eat plain, on a sandwich, or dipped in something, like ranch, spicy ranch, or remolaude sauce!

Where I'm at lately (this does 2 tomatoes):
bowl 1: plain flour
bowl 2: 1 egg, 1 Tbs water, 1 Tbs spicy or buffalo ranch, 1 Tbs regular ranch, dash worcestershire sauce, dash hot sauce, few taps of coriander, couple pinches dry chopped rosemary, pinch of garlic powder. I don't measure anything, but that should be pretty close.
Put slices in bowl 1, then 2, back to 1, then fry, same as above. You can also add crushed corn flakes to bowl 1 if you have the time and like a crunchy breading.

This is making me hungry!...

    Bookmark   October 7, 2012 at 7:44PM
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