Big glass rock chunks...where to find?

garianntxApril 21, 2008

I'm talking about those big glass rocks that you purchase by the pound. One of my neighbors gave me all of hers....she had gotten them in Arkansas. I'm wondering how I go about finding a place locally. What do I look for specifically when searching? Anyone know? TIA!

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uglyoodie(z5 OH)

Some of the bigger aquarium shops had them around here, don't know if they still do or not.

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Scroll down about 1/2 way on this link and you will find the address for a place in South Austin that sells "chunk" glass. Call before you go because they might have moved to a different location.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chunk glass location

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The Living Desert! Thanks! I remember the name of that now. I'm in DFW, but my folks are in Austin. Next time I'm down, I'm stopping by! Wish I could find a place like that here though. Thanks again!

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The pic of the chunk glass at The Living Dessert has me slack jawed. It's gorgeous! Googled chunk glass but haven't found much info yet. Is it hideously expensive? I'd love to have a few hundred pounds. Do any of you know where it comes from? A waste product?

Psyched in Sugar Hill, GA,

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becky_ia(z4 IA)

I live in Iowa and there is a lady and her husband that sell it around here. I have purchased several pcs from her and asked about it. This is what i was told.

The glass does come from Arkansas from the Fenton Glass company. They are the end pieces of a glass run. But she told me last year, the company closed (or was closing) because they could not compete with China and the many "knock-offs". She did not know if she would be able to get any more, so what she had in stock may be all she will get.

She and her husband go to all the craft sales/herb festivals and set up a huge hayrack filled with EVERY color and size. EVERYONE goes crazy over it. AND it is very expensive, but doesn't seem to matter as they sell it. I have several pieces and would love to display it in my gardens, but instead, am displaying it in my house.


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I also buy this colored glass from the same lady, Becky...each year I buy a small piece anywhere from $1 to $6. I have put mine in a small fountain on the bird waterer. When we're sure the frost nights are gone, we will be filling the waterer and I will send a pic. The glass pieces are pretty! Jeanne S.

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becky_ia(z4 IA)

They are beautiful. I had a friend who went and bought one very large one for $200! It was stunning though!

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Bright199(foothills NC)

I want some too!!!!!!! have only seen pictures. I can't believe FENTON GLASS is closing!! Their pieces are soo beautiful..

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A nice day ... decided to fill the bird waterer. Here is the fountain with the "rock chunks" in the basin. Hope you can find them available somewhere...they are pretty! Happy gardening! Jeanne S.

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love the large glass pieces also. I went to fenton art glass company web site, and no mention is made of them closing. Also they are located in Williamston west Virginia. I hope they don't close, collectiong Fenton is another one of my addictions.

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Love the glass chunks in the fountain!

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Hi all, I have a large chunk of glass in my front yard, any ideas of how one would sell it? Ebay where you have the customers pick it up themselves? It is about the size of a watermelon, price ideas also welcome.

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My daughter gave me a large piece of green glass its so cool. I have not decided where to put it yet. I told her it looked like Kryptonite(-: I wondered where it could have come from...guess now I know(-:

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I live in the D/FW area & I'm not quite sure how big you want your glass chunks, but there is a place in Grapevine where they make hand blown glass art, I think it would be worth a shot at calling them & seeing if they would give or sale you scrap glass. Here's the info:
701 South Main Street, #103
Grapevine, TX 76051
(817) 251-1668

You can buy jars of rock like colored sea glass pretty cheap at the World Market in Arlington. I'm sure there's other locations, but that's where I saw them. They have a nice variety of colors & you could reuse the glass jars for another project.

Good luck, hope I could help!

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JackSprat, I was wondering how much the glass weighs and where you live, so I can estimate what I should offer you for it?
Austin, Texas

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Big glass rock chunks for sale....

lots of colors. Different sizes and shapes. We have a new shipment ordered. Hoping to be able to ship ups ground soon...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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jeanneart(Ventura, CA - Sunset 24)

You might try googling "glass rocks" and see if you can find a company in your area.

The following are examples of companies selling glass rocks for landscaping, aquariums, and firepits in many sizes....

Recycled Rocks

ASG Glass

Garden of Glass

KRC Rock Inc

Good Luck,

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Bumping this one up out of the past. We just returned from a short road trip to Henryetta, Oklahoma to visit Frank Collette, who owns and operates a fascinating chunk glass production plant. His younger son gave us a wonderful explanation of the process, and answered our many questions.

We were absolutely stunned at the process and end result. They select, mix, color, melt, smash and even deliver the glass. You cannot believe how much hard work it takes to make these beautiful chunks of glass.

Thanks for sharing all of your posts.


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anita(z5 UT)

If you're ever in Salt Lake City...

Here is a link that might be useful: American Specialty Glass

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This is for Mrs Rosie in Sugar Hill. If you are still interested in glass chunks there is a rock shop on the right hand side of the road, Hwy 441, in Clayton, GA with half barrels full of chunks of different colors by the lb. If you like to go to the mountains in the fall and admire the leaves it is a great drive.

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