Ivy not getting enough sunlight?

DearAmbellina(4 MN)September 17, 2013

I have a Royal Tee h. helix Ivy growing indoors. It's in a corner by huge windows that do not get direct sunlight. It said medium light on the tag so I assumed just the indirect light would be fine, but I noticed that back of the plant facing the wall (I didn't rotate it) has a lot of brown falling off leaves. Should I move it to a place where it gets some direct sunlight or should I just rotate it?

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Hello Dear, :)

Light may not be the problem...

Hedera Ivy is difficult growing indoors..Especially if air is dry without circulation.

Inspect for spider mites.

In zone 5, Hedera Helix grows in-ground, outdoors, year round., So, it doesn't mind cold temps.
Indoors, where temps are warm, problems arise.

I have a Hedera Helix Ivy Canary...It looks bad...definately not Picture-Worthy.

Anyway, check for spider mites/webs.
Remove brown leaves. If you don't find mites, 'hopefully not' in the future, it's best to rotate. All plants should be rotated.

As for light. A super-bright, unobstructed north or east window, in the coolest room is benificial.

Since you're in MN, during winter, south or west should be bright enough to keep your Ivy going.

Spray leaves, especially when air is dry...shower in sink, too.
Ivy enjoys summer outdoors...Keep out until late autumn or a week or two before heat is turned on.

I normally keep mine put a day or two before frost. 'although frost will not harm Hedera.'
The problem is, when ivy is left in the cold too long,, then brought in a heated house, chances are mites will attack, plus ivy doesn't like the change.

Do you have a photo? Toni

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DearAmbellina(4 MN)

Sorry for the late response! I'm going to add pics of the Ivy and where she is.

This first picture is of the area at the back of the plant where it was facing the corner, not the window. I cleared away a lot of dead foilage and that's why it looks so bare!

I've heard a lot about showering plants. Do you just get the leaves or stick the whole pot in the shower and gently spray the entire thing, leaves, soil, and all? Thanks! OH- I also repotted her that day I wrote this post because it was the pot I had gotten her in and it was small. The roots did seem to be outgrowing the pot, so maybe that will help. (Pic is of it in the new pot)

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DearAmbellina(4 MN)

THis is the front of the plant that looks healthy and that was facing outward toward the light.

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DearAmbellina(4 MN)

And here is a picture of where the plant is situated.

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Good Morning, Dear,

Can't recall if I asked you yesterday. Do you rotate your Ivy? Plants?

I 'attempt' rotating every other week, so plants get equal amount of light. If sun cooperates. :)

The front side of your Ivy is beautiful, healthy-looking and full. Leaves are vividly green.
Do you pinch? Your ivy is very compact.

The back is somewhat bare, but not terrible. Once you start rotating, new foliage should sprout, unless your ivy goes dormant or slows-growth during fall and winter season. There's always spring!!! :)
My ivy slows down once days shorten. In fact, it started slowing growth around mid-August.

About watering/showering. I prefer using water that sits out at least 24-hours, but every so often, when soil is dry, I'll fill up sink, add a couple drops of dish soap, then let plant sit until the top is moist.
Then, leaves are sprayed with hose.

My ivy is downstairs, so when it's showered it's done in the sink.

Plants showered in shower, 'larger plants,' are set in the tub, then I adjust nozzle to spray entire plant/s.
Some water lands in soil..no biggie.
If soil is dry, aiming shower head at plant does the job.

Use a wire/mesh plug so soil doesn't go down the drain. Believe me, there were times I showered several plants without the mesh...Next thing I was adding Draino down the drain. lol.
Ditto on sinks.

Beautiful view.

Dear, my eyes aren't the best..Is your Ivy in or outside? lol.

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