Is this Money Tree dying?

jenniphermarieSeptember 24, 2013

My friend gave me her money tree to see if I could save it. I have never had a plant like this before but immediately knew that it was over watered from its yellow leaves. I tipped the pot over and drained a few cups of water out. It has not been watered for a week at least and it is still moist.

Is this plant savable? The bottom of the plant has a fuzz growing on it and I fear it is root rot. Is there anything that can be done?

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Is the trunk, near mold, soft or firm?

First thing I'd do, 'if trunk is firm,' is remove your Money Tree from its pot. Ditch the pebbles, too.

I just noticed the bark. What happened? Was the plant injured or is something eating it?

What about leaves? What's their condition? Toni

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I agree with Toni!

Re-pot it in fresh media quick! I just got a money tree and transplanted it into a slightly larger pot, and made up a mix of potting soil, pearlite, peat/sphagnum, and Orchid bark. The tree will get nutrients from the soil, and the pearlite and peat/sphagnum will help to drain the soil but retain water that is needed. The bark helps to drain the soil as well.

Fresh media that isn't water saturated may help, and you can check the roots out while you're at it! Keep us posted!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Yes, I have the same question Toni has (hi, Toni) - are the trunks firm or soft? If they are soft, they're rotten...and there's nothing to be done (other than try to root the healthy growth-tips of the plants).

It is late in the season to be re-potting, but it might be necessary.


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