Dying pothos ivy (Epipremnum aureum?)

ahyomSeptember 18, 2013

I've been tending to a once-discarded pothos ivy for just under a year. It's quite large and vines around a rising metal cage sitting in the soil. Lately I've been noticing that new buds are turning black and dry, especially around the edges and inward (as seen in this pic). The cores of the leaves are green and fleshy, and do not fall off easily. And I do lose some leaves to yellowing (you can see one on the bottom center of this pic too), but I always thought that was normal for pothos, or related to over-watering?

Couple more pics below.

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Another shot of one of many budding branches. Notice the odd distribution of black dryness.

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I'll also attach an example of the brown spotting that occurs in the centers of adult leaves.

The plant is sitting indoors, partial shade during the morning sun. Could I be over or under watering? Is fertilizing the issue? Could this be something fungal? Maybe the metal cage is rusting in the soil and having some unpleasant affect on the plant?

Thank you dearly for any help. I love this plant and would hate to see it go downhill!

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Does anyone have any ideas?

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check the roots - may be the plant is water-logged.
it's not fungal. it happens to mine sometimes - cut off all the tips with blk spots. you can cut off the spotted leaves too. it's not dying, it just needs a rejuve - soil change,etc.
while you are at it - take some end-cutting too and root them in fresh medium or water or sphagnum moss.

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