I've finally done some garden junking again!!

JeanInWa(5)April 30, 2012

I used to post here alot, ages ago, but then moved and moved and moved and moved again. Now I live in a very small apt with no deck, balcony, or yard at all, so I appropriated the edging across from our door. I found this idea on the web, and just had to do it. Originally, I was going to plant the whole inside, but it just wasn't working for me with what I had. So, I got me some hose clamps and some smallish pots and screwed the clamps to the pallet to hang plants in. In the pots are wave petunias and a snapdragon. In the bottom row are left over plants and I have some seeds starting for sweet peas and hiacynth beans.

Let's see if I remember how to post a pic!

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Really cute ! I have only a tiny patio to work with so I understand how frustrating the lack of space is. What you've done is cute & you have room for more junk, if you want. - Laura

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cnm1(6 Oh)

Great use of a small space!! I love everything people do with pallets.

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You did it...you got some GJ/flowers planted! Good for you! Now I know you'll enjoy them! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Good job! Garden junkers always seem to find a
way to use plants and junque! We NEED to do that--

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Marlene Kindred

What a great idea and it really brightens the small space. I'll bet the flowers are going to be beautiful as they grow. Great job and welcome back!

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TY, it was a process for sure. First I had to find a pallet that was pretty close by, because I have a very small car. I found some a block away, but the business was always closed as I went to and from work. One Sat, I decided to drive by and lo and behold, they were open! You know that look you get when you ask for something that someone else is going to throw away? Yep, I got that look! But he even helped me load it into my car. I got a can of paint, and used some left over primer I already had. Getting my hands dirty was just the BEST!!! Thank you all for your kind replies :))

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Looks awesome!!! Who'da thought!? That a pallet could be used in such a great way!

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Welcome back and what a great idea to save the pallet from the landfill. Looks just great. Now enjoy your unique area.

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Jean, that is such a great idea!

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Makes the area very inviting & I'm sure you rather look at some lovely flowers on that neat pallet then a brick wall. You made the area look classy & still have a little room to do some more magic!! Bet your neighbors are thrilled with the new look! TFS Jan

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I actually HAVE gotten some nice comments from my neighbors. Yes, a much better look than a blank brick wall :) Thanks for all the nice replies

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Good for you for finding a place to garden.
Very creative pallet use.

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