Beware of the Pencil Cactus

cypss522September 12, 2010

If you have one of these so called cactus(really a Euphorbia) as a house plant please, please get rid of it and do use gloves then scrub your hands raw. I nearly went blind from this plant after getting the sap in my eyes. The sap is latex based and does not always come off with soap. If you have a latex allergy it is even more dangerous. If you ever handle a so called cactus and your eyes start to water and burn, flush, flush, flush the get to the ER ASAP. This house plant is still sold at garden centers, if you see one warn the owners and if they balk ask them if they have really good insurance. If you have one remember the sap is like having lye thrown in your eyes and the sap does not always wash off with soap and water.. Please heed this warning, I can't even explain the pain and then the three months worry that I may loose part of my eyesight. Just a warning for all gardeners. This plant should be outlawed. If you have one be very very careful if you handle it. I never want another person to suffer for a houseplant, its not worth it.

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Im sorry you are having so much trouble with ur PC. May I ask how the sap got in your eye?

It is true many plants are poisonous, prehaps as a survival technique thoughout evolution. Many plant lovers know this and use caution when handling plants and placing them in terms of pets and children.

I have had a pencil cactus for two years now. It has grown beautifully and I couldnt imagine parting with it. Id rather be more careful in terms of handling.

Best of luck!

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dellis326 (Danny)

Sorry you had to go through all that. Not to belittle your troubles but many if not all Euphorbias and also many other plants have latex and/or some other toxic compound(s) or allergens. Plants develop these chemicals as natural defenses to pathogens and predators. You might as well get rid of all your plants if you are that worried about it.

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