Where can I buy these houseplants?

PollaiSeptember 5, 2013

Hello everybody!

I became very intrigued by houseplants when I heard a plant was found to help asthma sufferers. I would like to buy these plants:

Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)
Sabah Snake Grass

Could somebody please give me a safe source to buy these plants online in the UK?

Could you also please give me reviews of these plants if you have them in your home?

Although I am a newbie to the world of houseplants I am a keen gardener, having grown beautiful Strawberry, Potato and Rose plants! :D

I look forward to your replies :)

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Pollai...Hello and Welcome.

I normally shop on Ebay. Ever go there?

Sansevierias are fairly common.
Are there any nurseries, green houses or big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes nearby?

I never heard of Sabah Snake Grass, but it might be found on Ebay.


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eaksqueak(PA 6a)

If this is related to the plants' air cleaning properties you might want to google B. C. Wolverton, the NASA scientist who did the original studies. He wrote a book called "How to Grow Fresh Air." You can read free excerpts from it on Amazon. Basically he recommends that you grow the plants in hydroculture because most of the plants' air cleaning properties are in the roots. I have read that hydroculture is much more popular over in Europe than it is here in the US. Don't know about the UK.

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Hello! Thank you for your post :)

I did go on eBay but because I don't know the going price for these plants I was wary of being set wrong ones/ pretend plants.

Do you think the one in the following link is a real Snake Plant?


Thanks :)

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I went to Ebay via the link you posted.

Yep, the plant is a true Sansevieria/Snake Plant, but it's a tad expensive. However, it's possible Snake plants are more costly in England.

Did you hear all Sansevierias help people with asthma or only S. trifasciata/Snake Plants?

I Googled Sans...it mentioned helping people with cancer. I'll have to recheck regarding asthma.

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