Tricks on keeping cats from houseplants

DearAmbellina(4 MN)September 30, 2013

I know it's hard to keep them from houseplants if they are determined, but I just want to know if there is anything I can do that's worked for any of you guys. Besides keeping all plants hanging lol I can't do that. Right now I keep most of them in one room that I can keep the door shut.

I heard cats don't like citrus so to put orange or lemon peels on the pots but I just don't know about that....


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To keep them from pooping in the mix or to keep them from eating the leaves?

I love the idea of keeping them out of that room...That is what I do..He is not allowed in there without me..Never allowed to go near my Palms or he'll eat them to the bone and make all the ends look freyed!

From pooping in them, I use an idea, but not sure if this is what you need...


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DearAmbellina(4 MN)

I just meant chewing and eating them. I don't have any floor plants that they could poop in.... yet lol

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If you can catch them in the act a water pistol works for me

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Whenever my cat chews on my plants I go and bring her up next to the plant she chewed, and by then she is freaking out because she knows that what she did was wrong and a few flicks on the nose gets the message across. She still loves me though.

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I think you have the best option already with a closed room. I haven't found anything other than moving to a different location. I have various strategically placed objects to keep them from jumping up to different sills, shelves, book cases etc. over time I got used to which ones I could leave in accessible positions. but even with that, they left golden pothos alone for years and all of the sudden have a taste for it. they have played with citrus peels and been undeterred by various pepper concoctions, sprays or whatever.

for digging, covering the open area with tin foil worked the best for me. but it looks terrible. at this point ive switched to mostly gritty mix and a little elevation, like sitting on top of an overturned large pot. no issues so far. when was does arise it will probably be a big mess though.

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I have found the best way to control cats for anything is to spray them with water. After the first couple of times just picking up the bottle and showing it to them keeps them away. This is how I keep my cats off the dining room table.

If your cat doesn't mind water though it may not work.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

There's a product called bitter apple that is an excellent cat repellent. Water sprays only work if you catch the animal in the act. The bitter apple makes the foliage totally unpalatable.

Since so many house plants are toxic to our pets, it's essential that we do more than try to catch them in the act of munching......we need to prevent it in the first place.

Be sure to research your houseplants very carefully before bringing them home to a pet.

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I've found location is the only solution. My cat is determined. And be careful with the bitter apple. Test it with only one plant first. I tried it out many years ago and suddenly the other cat who was completely disinterested in plants became obsessed with the bitter apple. Licking it, eating the leaves. . . and the cat who'd been interested in the plant in the first place just thought I was trying to make the plant extra tasty. I then had to shower or otherwise wash ALL my plants (including the Christmas tree which I'd just set up).

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A quick spray of water and a firm "no" has worked for me. Now I just have to say "no", even when they try to get to the spider plant.

What is it with cats and spider plants, anyway??

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run a quick image search on cat toys and isn't it funny how many have a dangling thing for kitty to bat at. Now look at your spider babies. Beginning to get the picture? ;)

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