Well, it looks like ALL my plants are in for the next 2 nights!!!

meyermike_1micha(5)September 16, 2013

All over 200 of them....:-(

What a JOKE.....What about yours??????

They are talking 30's tonight and I have had enouh of these very late frost, like let's say on Memorial Day this spring and now tonight, when this summer month is not even half over!

Thanks to the North Pole, I think we are in store for a rought cold period..

I pray I can stick them back out in a couple of days or my plants will be couped up inside for the longest period yet, 7-8 months!

What about you? Are you headed for some frost yet? Are ALL the plants coming in...?


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I have to bring mine in tonight also, lucky for me I only have 10 out on my patio since I just moved over the weekend. Good Luck,I hope someone helps you.

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So annoying. Where are you guys in MI? I'm in Grand Rapids - I'm not seeing the frost advisory for my county, but I'm always a little weary when certain parts of the state are under one and we're not. It looks like the rest of the week the overnight weather is in the 50's, so hopefully it will be for just a night or two.


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Chiily again and all so soon .
It's the little things that get in the way yet we still find time to enjoy them.

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Yes...I live in Massachusetts and I have never seen a frost this early here.
In fact, I have never seen one up to the date of Memorial Day either...It is scarey..

My weather goes from one extreme to another and hardly ever consistent anymore..Two days ago we were at 95 and humid...Now frost.

I have well over 200 plants to lug in tonight under the cover of darkness since I get home at 8 tonight...Thank God my kitchen is only a few steps away from where they are outside...

I think I will leave them in my not so big kitchen for the couple of days and them put them all back out again on Wednesday..40's at night is not so bad for most of them.


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Yes! This weather is beautiful but spontaneous. My bougainvilleas were loving and budding up last week, up until this week. Cold and rainy! A solid 10+degrees below average. This is exactly what houseplants detest. In chicago though, our lows are not that bad. Tonight will be 50, which I can live with. They say thursday it will be 90 degrees here!

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Bpotsrsmalldish thanks for that pic and that comment.
Both made me smile.

I can relate Mike,..
If I recall it was into june when I could finally put 'em out and It is forecast to go down to 45 tonight and there's that 39 I can look forward to come saturday. I've always been willing to let them chill a bit at night provided the temps are quickly on their way back up like right now t's 62...but obviously this cant go on and when I look at the space I have allocated to this take I recognize the impossibility of it all.

Must muster fortitude(and clear some frikkin space)! lol

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Yup..What stinks is that it can take all the way up until about 11 a.m before the mercury even budges warmer now..It was not too long aga, when at 8 a.m the temp would climb like crazy.....

My plants have to wait a heck of a lot longer before they even warm up anymore from such a cold night, those that don't see the sun until mid morning...

At least the ones on the roof see sun at 7 a.m....

I hope the weather warms up around these parts like I have been hearing so I can say my plants had at least 4 months reprieve from the great indoors!


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Bpot...Love that pic...I just saw it..lol

He certainly looks content despite it all..Thank goodness for those warm feathers..


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

"Two days ago we were at 95 and humid...Now frost."
Sheesh, this sounds like you're around here in November or March, though the 95 is a bit of a stretch. 85 is realistic. Supposedly a cold front is coming here tonight or tomorrow, which will supposedly lower the temps to upper 80's. Would gladly ship some heat up there if I could!

So sorry this is happening to y'all up there so early. Even Al Roker mentioned it this morning. You know your weather's weird if Al's talking about it.

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Oops! Sorry MeyerMike - I saw the "Micha" after your name and assumed Michigan! Hope your plant moving went okay. Our temps didn't get cold enough to frost, although a lot of the state was under a frost advisory. To be safe, I just brought in my hibiscus and eucalyptus plants. I'm not ready for the cold weather yet!!

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Good to here from you. I too had to move a lot of my Sanseviera in. I made a large plant stand in my cellar with shop lights and mirrors. I discovered that it could hold only half of my collection! It was too wet, raining and with cold in the 40's, spells rot. They will be inside more now that outside. Really sucks. My Agaves and Euphorbias can take a few cool nights I hope. Really running out of room. Once in, I will not take out for a week or less.

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Accoring to 2013/14, Farmers Almanac, we're in for a very icy winter.

Mike, you're going to spray, then carry 200 plants indoors? If temps warm up, are they going back out?
Good Luck, lol.

Except for a few plants, 'Gardenias, Ivy, Geraniums' once plants are inside, they'll stay in. Too much work.
Each need submering and spraying..don't want ants, spiders or earwigs in the house. Yuck!

Weather is unpredictable.

Right now it's 82F...Tonight, supposed to drop to 70 w/T-storms.
Remainder of the week's high, 60's, lows 48F.

48F!! That's turn on the heat weather. I can dress warmer, but I feel sorry for our bird...

Most plants thrive at 48, but if it drops in the 30's, some plants will freeze.
Last year I lost, at the minimum, 15, thin-leaf Hoyas. Thicker leaf, kerii's survived.

I pray temps do not suddenly drop, and remain cold. Too much work needs doing before plants are brought indoors.


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Tiffany....Thanks..How much I wish I could live south where you are....I always wonder why the heck I was so blessed to live in the area I do when zillions of people live in all the warm spots I wish I could where I could sport t-shirts and shorts every night outside and sit along my fragrant plants!

Toni....You and your soaking your plants! I give you much credit since I never do this and I thank God for some reason no critters are carried in my pots!
I feel so bad for you knowing how bad your knees are and how supportive your son and husband are..right..lol
I can't imagine you doing that all by yourself and in pain at the same time..At least I can minus the pain in my case.
Let's hope that Praying Mantis did all the bug removel for you before you do..:-)
I will spray all my plants again with Fish Emulsion and then pick and choose what gets systemics and what gets natural oils...If there are no bugs, the nothing...

Stush..How have you been? So good to see you too! I have been keeping in touch with Chris these days and was thinking of you....I am hoping you and your wife are fine these days and staying nice and warm:-)

Nothing of mine is inside at the moment....They enjoyed this day of over 75 and tomorrow again..Low's in the mid forties are ok just for a few nights...

Hermie..Thank you...No worries...I hope your plants fared well too...Some plants just hate cold feet for sure and after growing plants for years, you begin to understand them and their dislikes well...

By the way, watch for the new thread I am going to start about Pest's to benifit us all and Google if anyone should look them up!

We need to help many others about the fears and worries of pests and how to deal with them in many ways....I think it will help thousands...


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