Hello all - and a photo of rusty junk!

janetgia(5b IA)April 21, 2013

Hi all, it's been a long time since I posted here but thought I would pop in and say hello! I guess I wasn't paying attention for quite awhile, because I recently hopped over to Webshots to look for some photos I had posted there and discovered that all my albums and photos were gone! I was saddened - my all-time favorite pictures of my good ol' garden junk from the old house were in those albums, and I was really afraid they were gone forever. I did actually find them all - I had backed them up to my computer and didn't even remember doing so! ... and looking at them got me thinking about this forum and all the wonderful ideas shared here! So I'm just stopping in to say HI!!

And just for fun, here is a picture I was inspired to share by ponderpaul, whose rusty tryke is really cool! This is an old two-wheeled dolly I found in the overgrown vegetable garden of our new house when we first moved in a few years ago. I brought it up to the perennial bed and it's been on display ever since.

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It's a beaut! Good find...looks good in your gardens! Jeanne S.

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Cool! I like rust!! Welcome back.

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Nice! Looks like it will last at least another 100 yrs!! What else ya got??? It's kind of slow here as imagine folks are getting ready to get their gardens in. More pics, please!!!! Jan

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janetgia(5b IA)

Here are a couple more photos of Hello Dolly. This one shows a front view with an actual blooming flower! LOL I've got oodles more to share of various things... I'll post a few but will try not to make you tired of me already!

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janetgia(5b IA)

And here she is in relation to the rest of this flower bed. Still very early here - I keep forgetting that. I'm getting impatient for color! That large green clump in the foreground is Surprise Lily foliage - have those ALL over the place!

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Love the flamingos...I think they may be coming back. There are quite a few available on eBay these days.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Very nice. Your pieces add a lot of charm.

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