ground garlic caking

obrionusa(5)October 14, 2012

I ground some garlic from last years batch of my hardneck's and after a week or so it starts to cake up in balls. I have absorbant packs in the bottle and doesn't seem to help. Any advice?

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

I was looking around the web earlier this year to learn how to make garlic powder, I think some people use a little salt or cornstarch to help with that. Memory is fuzzy on that, though. Or maybe it just wasn't dry enough when you ground it? More than your absorbant packet can handle, since it would be coming from within the tissue not the outer atmosphere. Do you dry it, then let it rest to stabilize the moisture then dry a little bit again to be sure of really getting it all dry? Those are the idea that spring into my head. Cheers!

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