Treadle Sewing Patio Table & Container Planting

jeannespinesApril 29, 2012

Bought another Boston Fern for under the treadle sewing machine table on the patio $7.50 @ Lowe's ...pretty good price compared to elsewhere:

Planted my copper kettle & another pot old big insulator is holding the brown tea kettle ...I like to use tea-kettles for watering containers nearby...all thrift shop or garage sale finds the past few yrs:

On the other side of the patio is north porch shady garden...there's a broken crock w/Chives this Spring plus I added my red painted Curly Willow branches that I had in washtub this Winter...

Just planted a 'white Bleeding Heart' here that I got at a Mennonite nursery last week:

...and my green totem birdwaterer w/blue glass bird is out for another season...cement 'shroom & planted up this wood container:

Happy GJ gardening, GJers! Jeanne S.

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cnm1(6 Oh)

Lovely!!! I really like the idea about the tea kettles. I wish I still had my mom huge aluminum one. That would look great

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I love it !!! I use the tea K ALSO.

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So invitung looking. Quite gorgeous.

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Marlene Kindred

Looking great in your yard Jeanne! LOVE the new plantings...the ferns are beautiful and your hostas too! And your frog stepping stone is awesome too! Happy spring to you too~

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Beautiful as usual, Jeanne! I love that corner with the fern, curly willow, hosta and the bleeding heart. I just bought 2 bleeding heart, red and white, for my newly formed shade garden. Great pics!

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You are the best. Dont ever stop posting. Just when I wondered what to do with the sewing table bottom that I am about to replace for a dresser. Poof! You give me a new idea. Thanks

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Love the table! I just finally found a grate to add to my table legs so I can put it outside. Didn't want to use wood for the table top since I wanted it to stay out in the rain. Now I need to put it all together. Yours is great :)

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Very nice,i like your kettles and teapots,the plants and that curly willow.

As for the white bleeding heart,i have one,which i like very much~~~~~~~~~~BUT,and you know there had to be a but,the worms like it as well.I battle them constantly on that.Mine is just starting to leaf out.

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Thank you, GJers! Hope my Bleeding Heart (& luvs above) doesn't get problems like yours, Kathi & welcome back, too!

Should have mentioned my 'rain barrel' in the porch photo of ferns & hosta's...I Googled & found how to make one...& my DH did that for me a few yrs's wonderful...I didn't know how quickly a big rain barrel can fill up fromt he rain on the roof to the eaves! I love it! It's white heavy duty plastic of some sort. Happy planting! Jeanne s.

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I have that same grate for a table only my legs are from a sears treadle sewing machine.

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Love all your new plants & the pots & teakettles! The frog stepping stone is so cute! We had a terrific wind last night & really made a mess & everything looks so dried out even tho I watered well after I got the mess cleaned up. I had a red bleeding heart couple of yrs ago & bloomed so nice & then it just died overnight. Think it was the heat but afraid to try again. Maybe would do better in the ground. Love your curly willow as it gives some "mystery" to that area. Your rainbarrel is neat!! TFS Jan

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I love your tea pot plantings. I do that, myself. I love the look of them. The Bleeding Heart is lovely with the ferns, Hosta. Thank you for Sharing, Jlily

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