bowling ball revisited

indigosunshineApril 16, 2013

Just finished a couple of bowling balls for the garden; this one was broken but it worked anyway! I drizzled metallic fingernail polish around looks real pretty! Now the test starts to see if it is weather proof. Notice the the snow! It's the 16th of April and we don't even have a blade of grass visible. I think I will welcome the sight of the lowly dandelion without complaint! Oh boy, here comes the sun
peeking through......haven't seen that in over a week!

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Wow, that's beautiful! Must be 7-8 colors on there. Hard to say how it "will wear" ,don't think safe to spray clear protective coat as might cause it to" cloud" or discolor it. Great "paint" job!! Jan

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Marlene Kindred

That looks amazing!! I agree with should probably spray it with a clear coat to protect it, but the colors turned out beautifully!

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PKponder TX(7b)

That is so pretty!

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That is beautiful. Let us know how it holds up. Is the fear that it will peel? If you take it in during the winter will that prevent problems?

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Did you do a base coat or a primer of some sort?

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Wow! That looks really cool. I like the way you just layed one color on top of another and the way it drips down.

I'm always drawn to the nail polish in the store because of the colors but I've learned to walk away because I never (well maybe once about 20 years ago) wear it. This is a great excuse to finally buy some.

Someone on the forum a few years ago swirled nail polish inside a glass light globe to make a gazing ball. That looked pretty.

Sheesh! You mean you have that much snow yet? Holy cow.

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Frankie, I did not put a base coat on. The ball was a sparkly gold and navy. I'm a little reluctant to put any sealant on it because it might react with the nail polish. My manicurist said to use just the cheap stuff because it has formaldehyde in it. I'll let you know how it holds up.

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bookjunky4life(5 Central IL)

I have gobs of nail polish I was going to throw out but guess what I will be using it for now...just have to procure some more bowling balls.

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Wow ... that's a new method...haven't seen that done! Love the effects ...kind of looks like 'tye-dye!' Yes, let us know how it is out in the hot sun (when & if we ever get the sun/spring back, uh!) Jeanne S.

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You did an amazing job on your bowling ball. It's beautiful!

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yea! another ball project! we are supposed to get some snow yet tomorrow, but after that? It will BE spring, I just know it.

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That's a great idea for a bowling ball. That's what I'm going to do with mine right after it gets done' holding open the hole I dug but never planted anything in. LOL At least ya'll got snow...we were hoping for snow down here in Spring Branch. Not even a freeze this year for more than a couple hours. And, today at the end of April, record cold...whats up with that?

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

that is so pretty. I have some candlepin balls I've been thinking of doing something with soon. I'm eager to hear how yours holds up.
BTW, nail polish is good for coloring up cheap boring jewelry too!

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