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ponderpaul(7a)April 8, 2013

Do you enjoy watching the birds but hate the mess generated under a feeder? Take a scrap of carpet, new or used, cut a circle 30â to 40â in diameter, put it down anywhere in the yard face down and put your feed on it. Move it every two or three days, the birds have no trouble following it around the yard and you have no dead or messy spots! If you enjoy different sitting areas in the yard, you can easily move the âÂÂfeederâ so you have a perfect view from any area.

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Marlene Kindred

Well, that's a good idea...never thought of that! Thanks for sharing~

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Very good idea! I just happen to have some old carpet! TFS

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Good idea, I had an elderly friend & he had a large piece of property out back & too much to mow he said so he brought home all the carpet piled up at the curbs, turned it over & covered most of the ground out back, did a great job of keeping the weeds down & looked lot better than 4 ft high weeds. Had row of shrubs across back of his lawn so he could enjoy 1/2 his yard with lawn, fruit trees, grapes etc but didn't have to spend so many of his "golden years" trying to mow all that. Jan

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do not use if you have barn cats... :)

GReat idea!

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