easy to grow?

rosessecretgardenSeptember 16, 2010

hey friends!

What house plant do you own in your home? which one do you think is the most easiest one to grow and you can take care of it easily.

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And spider plant, for smaller plants. Schefflera & Monstera if you want something larger; I also have a ficus benjamina that is a real survivor in a well-lit, drafty home. It has not lived up to it's reputation as persnickety.

All seem to be pretty tolerant of neglect (example: I used to travel for work... a lot... in the winter... and leave the heat *really* low... and not instruct my cat-sitter to water).
The plants I've mentioned are all at least 10 yrs old, except for the schefflera, which is 5+

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If you want something easy to grow, tolerates neglect, medium-low light, low water get a ZZ plant Zamioculcas zamiifolia. Ignore it, water once a month if in the right soil.
For something similar conditions only bright light and sun get a Jade. Again, tolerates neglect, water it once a month. Actually most succulents or cacti don't need much care or water and some will flower for you.

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wow thanks a lot for great suggestions and so many good options :)

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