Spider Plant, 'ocean.'

birdsnbloomsSeptember 3, 2011

Has anyone ever heard of this Chlorophtum, or better yet, have one?

I purchased one online..it's a cutting. Spider Ocean has a lot more white than other variegated Spiders. I was wondering what the side-shoots will look like once they produce. Any ideas? Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni, Do you have the spider that looks like that one?

I am curious. They are saying it is new.

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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni did you receive the plant yet?

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Toni, where did you get it!? You know me..lol

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So, can anyone articulate the difference between C. comosum & C. laxum? Is it the length of the leaves? The coloring variations look to be the practically the same (green w/ white margins, white center stripe w/ greens outside & etc).... The internet has not been very helpful.

When I looked for "Ocean" info, one website was offering "Ocean," "Pacific," & "Atlantic" varieties for sale... "Pacific" had a narrow white stripe down the center of a solid green leaf - pretty!

It will be interesting to see how my mystery HD baby develops. It has thin white leaf margins & the leaves seem shorter than my other spider babies of approx the same size (some staff member couldn't bear to toss it out apparently, so it was in a saucer of water - when I tried to buy it, the cashier said "Just take it!") From Chlorophytum

Maybe it's some type of laxum? (It's the one on the right)

(yes, I am glorying in my newly-found skill of embedding pictures)


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Toni, will you post a picture of your Ocean? I am very curious to see what it looks like & there is no consistency with the Web pictures...

I am also very curious what your mystery Grocery Store spider plant looks like!


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Marquest, don't know if you're around, 'haven't seen you post,' but yes, I got C. 'ocean' a few wks back.
I normally check the box if someone responds to my post, but must have forgotten. In fact, I forgot about this thread. lol

GB, my camera batteries are totally dead. I'll charge them up then post a pic tonight.
Remember, there's not much to the Spider, it's only a cutting.

Of the three Spiders you posted, Oceans looks closest to the first picture.
I also have the third Spider. That's the one I got at the grocery store..Are the 3 your Spiders?

Hey Mike, how ya doing? How's your foot? Still in pain?
Hope it's healing. Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

I am around Toni. I was just wondering about this plant. My Mom passed so I have been a little crazy, Someitme the garden forums help me take my mind off the grief so I was going back over some of the post and saw this one so I pushed it back to the front page.

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I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine what it feels like to be in your shoes since I worry about mine every day. My heart goes out to you. Take good care.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Marquest, so sorry to hear! I would be crazy, too. My sympathies to you and your family.

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Marquest, I'm very very sorry for your loss. Marquest, take care of yourself. Yes, reading/talking on the forums, and buying a plant helps. Hugs.

Anyway, I still haven't taken a pic of C. ocean. The batteries, two sets of recharables, no longer hold a charge.
I placed one set in the charger a couple days before asked to post C. 'ocean.' Two/three days later, I intended to take pics of the garden, but batteries weren't working. Next, I tried the second set, they too were low.
Guess it's time for new batteries.
I'm going to take a pic of the Spider soon after charger light turns green. Hopefully, it works.

Take care, Toni

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Yes, Toni those are my plants - the first 2 will be re-homed shortly with my cousin who just moved back from CA & is interested in growing houseplants (I have nearly a whole flat of various starts in 4" pots for him, plus some Scheff, D. marginata & F. elastica cuttings); the last one will stay with me.

Marquest, my condolences - hope you're starting to get some sleep...


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GB, that's nice you're giving your cousin cuttings. You're a very nice cousin.. :)

About the third Spider in your pics. Does it have really narrow leaves or is it as thick as standard Variegated Spiders?

The Spider I got at the grocery store have very narrow folliage. I have a picture, taken in July, but it doesn't do much justice.
The leaves look as thick as any other Spider. Let me find it on Flickr.

First bought at the grocery store.

Both Spiders potted together

Like I said, the pic doesn't do it justice. I know, I'll measure the width. hehe. Hold on a minute.
Okay, done. The width is .25-0.5"...I measured another Spider..the leaves are 1-1.5" width.
The first narrow-leaf Spider I bought, 'at the same store, different dates,' leaves were about .25". I believed it to be a dwarf. Then, the following week I went to get more groceries, 'always look at their plants,' there was a second Spider, same species, only longer, about 0.25" wider than the first narrow-leaf Spider. There's also a difference in length. Common Spiders leaves can grow 3' or longer, right? This guy's leaf length is, gotta measure again, lol, approximately 9" long.
It's hard to tell by the pictures, but there is a difference. Perhaps, as soon as my batteries are done charging, I can snap a better picture of the narrow-leaf Spider, too but, can't say how it'll come out. Toni

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The one you recently bought is "laxum". It doesn't produce stolons.


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marquest(z5 PA)

Toni, Mike, purpleinopp, gravyboots thank you. The funeral was yesterday and I did not know I could hurt so bad. I knew it would be hard but I had no idea. If your parents are still alive all I can say is cherish every moment.

Back to what helps me the most...talking about plants. I am going to plant a memorial garden outdoor and I am going to start a Mommy pot for indoor. She loved plants and introduced me to houseplants. I remember coleus and spiderplants in the house all year. Coleus plant is one I have always had a hard time keeping alive indoors.

Toni,I cannot wait to see your other spider pics. I love that plant. It is one I have not had any problems. I have the green and white and green and the one with the white center. I did not know there was a difference with larger white centers.

I have to take some pics of mine and see if anyone can see if there is a difference. I plant them together like you did Toni.

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Marquest..Again, I am terrible sorry. Losing a loved one is so hard to deal with. My father died when I was 16. I'm the eldest of five children, my baby brother was 6 months old. He and my other brother, 1.5 yrs don't remember him. My sister, 8 remembers him slightly, and my second sister, 12 at the time, talks about him everytime we speak. Yes, it's hurtful. I don't know what will happen when our mother, 'just turned 80 this month,' goes to heaven.
I don't know your beliefs, but many people feel their parents/loved ones are with them in spirit. I too believe this. It's strange, my father and I were not close, yet I feel he watches over me. Maybe he is, and maybe he's doing it to make up for time lost.

It's easier said than done, but as time goes on, the hurt will ease. Even though you miss and love your mom, fond memories will always be with you.

There's some pretty MOM pots sold. The only problem is most don't have drainage, but I'm certain you'll find one if you continue searching.

Coleus will need drainage, unless you grow them in water. The problem is, they'll do okay in water for a while, but they do best in soil. I root Coleus in water, then when roots are at least 4-5" long, they go in soil.

When I first started growing plants, Coleus was one of my favorites. I bought one, had it for years. These days, they root, thrive for a while, then, well, that's it.
I have two super-large-leaf types in the garden. I need to take cuttings before temps drops under 35F. I'd love to see these guys during winter.

My camera or batteries are messed up, but I got to snap one pic of Ocean.

This Spider is very very fussy. I have several other Chlorophytums doing great, but the Ocean requires something it's not getting, or getting something it doesn't need.

I haven't appied fertilizer or ST, but as soon as soil dries, it's getting Superthrive.
I also believe, because Ocean has so much white, its problems lie on chlorophyll and photosynthesis. Ocean requires more sun/light than other Chlorophytums, including variegated types.
Water is another issue. A friend 'from GW' suggested watering w/bottled water. I just might try it.

Here's the pic. Cuttings need a lot of work. Toni

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marquest(z5 PA)

Again thank you Toni. I know she will be watching over me. I cry for me because she is not here in the flesh but I know she will never leave me. I have 2 older sisters but I was her primary care taker. The last word she spoke was my name to my sisters when I left the room. She knew who would care for her.

I like the plant, maybe it will take awhile to get use to its new home,

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