CorpsmanCooper(FL8b)September 14, 2012

Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum. I can mostly be found in the succulents and cacti forum (I recognize some names here). However, I'm just recently really getting in to house plants. What do you consider a house plant anyway? Is it a plant that comes in the house? If that's the case I have a lot! My succulents come in during the winter. The ones that I truly consider a house plant though are nothing spectacular. I have 2 Golden Pothos, which are currently suffering because of my extreme neglect, a Marble Queen Pothos that I recently purchased and a Maranta leucoreura that I just bought last night. I love the way house plants look. I only wish I had more space for them. Well . . . to be honest I have plenty of space. However, I have small children so leaving plants in places where small hands can get to them is a no no in this house. It will probably be that way for many years to come unfortunately.

Here's the mother plant of my golden pothos. I forgot to water it for an very extended period of time and the leaves closest to the base fell off. It was hanging about 4 feet down the cabinet but today I decided to give it a hair cut.

Here are the cuttings from the plant above. I'm going to root them and replant them back in the pot to fill it back in.

Here are some cuttings from the mother plant that I took at the beginning of the summer. I had this outside and I don't think it liked it much because it had massive aerial roots and the leaves are very small. I'm working on nursing this one back to health as well.

Here is my marble queen pothos. It's so beautiful! I couldn't pass it up! I can't wait for it to start trailing down!

Last but not least here is my newest purchase. Maranta leucoreura! I just couldn't pass this one up either! I had been eye balling it at the store for weeks before I finally purchased it.

Anyway, I could use any tips or tricks I can get as far as these plants are concerned. I'm an avid reader so as soon as I get a plant I research it. However, I'd like to know what you all have to say! Thanks!


PS I really am good at keeping house plants. Here's what my poor golden pothos looked like prior to the neglect.

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Hello and Welcome! From what I am seeing, you are doing well by your plants already. They are very pretty. (And the baby in the third pic? Awwww. :))

A houseplant for me is something that can be grown in the house, something that doesn't need to be planted in the ground to grow. That is my thinking anyway.

I am in no position to give advice, I am still learning myself. But I am sure that you will get plenty here. Take a seat, sit back, relax and read on.

And again~ welcome to the site! Best place for me and my plants!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Since plants don't naturally occur indoors, the term 'houseplant' is probably very close to being a complete misnomer. For the most part though, we can probably say that houseplants are almost always tropical or subtropical perennials that have gained favor by virtue of their being more tolerant of often unfavorable indoor conditions than most of their other tropical/subtropical counterparts.

I remember having seen your name over at C&S. It's nice to have you here - hope you visit often. Welcome!


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JessieC777(Washington State 5)

Love the marble queen and marnata! I have a golden pothos too. It's just finally starting to show some length on the vines. For the pothos cuttings, you don't have to root them first. They are pretty hearty and can just be plopped back into the soil. The roots develop so fast :-) My friend had one with vines that were probably 20 feet long. We chopped it up and put them back into the soil. It's growing like crazy now! Nice and full looking.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Nice to see you over here..

Great people and lots of wonderful information.

Nice pics!!


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Hello, CC and welcome to the House Plant Forum. I've seen you on C&S's.

A house plant is a tropical, sub-tropical or succulent plant that is kept indoors during cold, winter months, or for some, year round.
At least, that's its basic description.

Any plant, including annuals, veggies and herbs can be grown indoors, if proper light is offered. They'd too be considered house plants.
Very few authors of house plant exclude annuals, veggies and herbs in their books, but some do.

Your plants look great. I love your Maranta. Toni

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

There are considerations other than just light that determine what can/can't be grown indoors. "Any plant ..... can be grown indoors" is using an absolute too loosely. There are a huge number of plants that can't reside indoors because they require a dormant rest period.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hithere! I remember you from a discussion about garden centers in the panhandle area last summer, I think - on gulf coast or FL forum? Glad to hear you've ventured into "house plants." Hope you enjoy the discussions here as much as I do. Your plants look good to me too.

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I grow "house plants" outdoors, so I consider house plants to be generally those that some people do grow indoors. They're usually what will grow best for me. And afterall, it is a distinction that is purely man-made, so to speak.

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Hi CC.. I'm also a big fan of Pothos. Have been for years, and finally have one of my own. Oddly, I'm not a big fan of the top growth as most I have seen have been higher than eye level, so I've for the most part appreciated the vines. Yours are nice! Mine are on the way..

I see that you are or at some point used one of those globe watering things. What's your experience with them? I haven't heard alot of Good about them because of the uneven watering..
Could that have been the start of your watering/lack of watering problem?

Lots of nice people here.. I'm learning alot, and furthering my GW disease!


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Hi there. Houseplants are those plants that can be grown in the house in pots year round; imagine that, huh? What makes them that way is that they are tropicals, so don't need winter dormancy; adaptable to having their roots confined in pots; and - usually - adapted to the understory of the forests, in other words, adapted to lower light conditions. Mother Nature was very kind to us to build this talent into some plants so we could have beautiful gardens in our homes.

Houseplant books, guides, and sites are full of hundreds of plants that can be considered "houseplants." However, some of them are definitely not in the beginner category. The easy ones are those used in the professional interior landscaping industry - pothos, philodendron, peace lilies, Chinese evergreens, many dracaenas, many dwarf palm varieties, several ficus varieties, and a few others. They are strong, don't die if they go dry, resistant to pests and pathogens, and can adapt to indoor light, temperature, and humidity. Your maranta is not in that category! In your pic it looks like it might be under a light, which would be great. If not, try to find it a place it can be under a light. Check it frequently for bugs (all kinds) and don't let it go dry, or stay too wet.

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Hello Erin! It is great to see you here!

I see you at the cactus forum much and I assumed that they were your only plants and favorites. But look at here. You have some nice dubies posted above. I like them all.


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Thanks everyone for the kind words!

Charlie - The glass watering globe is there for decorative purposes. I never fill it. They are useless in my opinion. It was given to me shortly after my husband's grandmother passed away. It was hers and I wanted to display it.

Mike - Good to see you here! Yes, I prefer cacti and the like but I like houseplants too as well as many other. I have some really nice gardens growing around the yard. Even a vegetable garden! LOL


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