coleus i.d. please

marricgardensSeptember 25, 2013

I have been trying to i.d. this coleus but had no luck. It was outside all summer and grew like crazy. Right now it is in my greenhouse, I moved it there to save it from frost and so I could take some cuttings from it. When it is out in full sun, it turns more burgundy/red. The pictures are 2 different plants, the one with more color was outside longer and got more light. Any guesses on the i.d.? Marg

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I cant help with the ID but they are gorgeous !!!!!

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Thank you. I did some more searching and I believe it to be 'Solar Shadows'.

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Patty zone 5

Try googling coleus Henna. I think that is it.
I found it initially at this site after doing a general "coleus' search on Google Images:

Here is a link that might be useful: coleus Henna

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I second Christine's gorgeous. Toni

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Patty thanks for the i.d. It looks like a closer match than the one I found. To bad I don't have the room to bring these in but I seldom have luck bringing plants inside in the fall so I always start cuttings. This is a fast grower so it will be a good size before long. Marg

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