Pereskia aculeata

ttkidd(Toronto ON)September 7, 2013

Another plant update....

I received this as a foliage free stem cuttings a couple years ago. Here they are shortly after potting:

I potted them separately after they established. Here's one of them now:

I'm not really sure how I should be growing this one, but it seems to be happy. It would be nice to develop it as a bonsai, but it seems to be naturally developing a reverse taper in the branch structure. Does anyone know this plant? Any idea how to correct that?

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Hi Ttkid,

I have two Pereskias..

My Pereskia aculeata has orange 'top' and purple, 'lower-leaf' foliage.
Your upper and lower leaves look purple....are they or is it the photo?

I was told although Perskia is a succulent, they're water hogs in summer..or when hot and sunny.

During winter months, I allow soil to dry to the point soil is crumbly. In other words, if you stick your finger in soil, the center is dry.

I fertilize succulents with Fish Emulsion, which works fine. My other Perskia flowers without using flowering fertilizer, but the orange-leaf has never bloomed.
Thanks to my neglect! :)

How much sun does your Perskia get? Which direction does the window face?

My guy is outside, but the sun bleached the leaves..even with extra water. It's been outside since May.

Good luck, Toni

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ttkidd(Toronto ON)

Thanks hopefulauthor.

It's not the best shot. The leaves are purple on the bottom and a dark green on top.

I've noticed that they're huge water hogs. I have them growing in pure turface, and if I don't water every couple days during the summer they noticeably wilt. If I let it go more than a week then they start to drop their leaves.

It gets about as much sun as it's possible to give them in an indoor environment. It's an unobstructed south-west view with a lot of glare coming back off the lake. They don't seem to like the heat of being right up close to the window though, so I mostly try to keep them back a few feet.

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