Variegated Schefflear for Mike!

birdsnbloomsSeptember 26, 2012

Mike, I KNOW how much you love variegataed plants.

Well, even though I vowed not to add more, I came across this beauty on Ebay. And placed a bid.

Don't know if you like Sheffs, but look at the colors.

Do you like it? Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

"Do you like it?"

Well I do. That's a serious wow! Love the shape of that pot too although I think the wind would have its' way with it on my windy porch. How long have you had this pretty one? The individual leaflets are so fat and close together. Nice, interesting.

The Gardenia (?) beside it looks fantastic!

Did you read Go, Dog, Go! to your son? Your question "Do you like it?" made me think of that book. "Do you like my hat?" LOL!

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Now Toni!

Have you not enabled me enough these last few years? lol

What do you think? Unless you bought that plant for my birthday, then I will most certainly make an extra plant room in my home for that one! Heck, I would be willing to give up my sleeping quarters over to any other plants that look as great as that! What a beauty and thank you for thinking of me. Now, would you like my address?lol

Did you say E-bay? I'm there next!


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Ok, now you did it..

I went to E-bay and saw some close, but not like that one.
Please tell, who the seller was, or I will have to twist your arm for a cutting.:-)

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Purple, thank you.

The pot is a tree pot. Back in the 90's I bought several for citrus.
Thankfully. Roots on the Scheff are long and wide..I don't have any standard pots roots would fit without the tops sticking out.

Yes, the tree pots tend to fall. Believe me, I've lifted citrus repeatedly on windy days..

Purple, the Scheff came yesterday, so it's one day old. lol.

Gardenia is 18-yrs old. When I worked at Rentokil, we got several in, BUT they had scale and mites.
Still, I wanted a grafted Gardenia tree so bad, I made, lol, DH drive 1.5 hours to a local nursery which happened to have one left. I grabbed it, placed in the cart, and it's been around since.

Didn't read Go Dog Go, but read Run, Spot,

Mike, how many times did you send pics of your plants that you KNEW I'd want? lolol.
Some, impossible locating. A longgg trip to get one. lol

Hey, thought you were going to sleep in a tent? lol. Sounds like fun when temps are -10F.

Do you have a b-day coming up? If so, when?

Yep, got it on Ebay from a seller named MDA. I had no idea the Scheff would be so big, especially for the price.
MDA has beautiful plants, many rare..Wonder where they really come from..he's in FL.

Mike, you can check, but when I left feedback, he didn't have any plants available.
Two years ago, I bought a gold Scheff Amate from him, 1/32'd size. I also won a variegated Orchid from MDA around 2008.

You should see some of his variegated palms!! Oh God, they're beautiful, but cost was approximately 200.00. lol. I imagine they were large trees.

I love Purple's palm tree. Isn't it perfect?

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Mike, the sellers name is MDA1515. Why not send him an email? Can't hurt. Name of plant is Variegated Schefflera Amate 'Dazzler.'
If you'd like, I can email you the Ebay page w/his name andd Contact...

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Yes, do, please! lol


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