Repotting a topheavy aloe plant

MrDerp4321September 26, 2013

Hi everyone!

I've been meaning to repot and straighten up an aloe plant of mine that is very top heavy and is basically leaning over in its present pot (photo attached).

I figure i get a slightly deeper pot, and get two sticks to support it on the sides.... but i'm open to any suggestions from the forum on what to do :)

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These Aloes in low light will grow sort of sideways. You can prop if you want, but that will only look like a sideways Aloe with props. This plant is not a tree Aloe, nor is it one of the short rosette types. Unless you grow it 'hard', you get a succulent giant with few offsets that grows sideways after a while.

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Personally, I don't mind a leaning plant, I think it looks more quite natural. It's a little hard from your picture to guess the size of your plant and its pot, but it certainly looks like the plant is (a) leaning towards the light and (b) possibly also because of it's weight and the fact that it can't grow enough root structure to support it in that bowl.
A deeper , heavier pot will give it more space for rooting. You might still need some stones in the bottom of the pot (depending on what you choose) to counter-balance the weight of the plant.
When re-potting it, handle it carefully as you can bruise it. I'd try to brush off a little of the soil from the left hand side (as we can see it) and when you plant it, put it more upright in the pot when back-filling. A few heavy stones as a temporary measure on top of the soil might work to keep it in position. If you want it straighter, rotate it more often in that window spot.

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I took mine that looked like that and cut it off close to the pot.
What was left grew a new top.
The part I cut off was replanted and rooted and looks great.

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