Brown Spots on Peppers

kelkolkat(8)October 1, 2009

I have tried to grow bell, jalapeno and pablano peppers since March. I have really had no luck, the only ones I could get to grow were yellow peppers. Each of the plants have produced some fruit but they have all been small and then get soft and die off. I still have these pepper plants in the garden but also recently planted 3 other new plants. They all have buds on them and look like will have fruit. I just noticed tonight they have small brown spots on them and a couple of the leaves are curled up. I also had black eyed pea plants that were huge but got some kind of mites all over them so I have torn them out but not it looks like some of those spots are on my okra too. I would love to upload some pictures of them but I am very new to this and don't know how.. Can anyone tell me how to show the pictures in the forum so maybe someone can help? Also, before reading all the pepper forums lately I never really feed them anything. Last weekend I bought an .05-.05-.05 organic manure compost from HD and spread that evenly through the garden.. I have sprayed with Miracle Grow once this week and maybe 2 months ago was the last time.. Any ideas would be great too.

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Soft brown spots? Could it be a calcium deficiency like blossom end rot? If you do a google search you'll find plenty of pictures of what it looks like and you can compare it to what you have. I grew peppers over the summer and one ended up with BER despite having dolomite in my container. Once a fruit gets it, you can't undo the damage for that particular fruit. Just cut off the fruit and try to remedy the situation for the overall plant by adding hydrated lime or agricultural lime to your soil (per your product's directions). If the calcium deficiency is addressed the future fruits should develop okay.

I don't have too much experience with in-ground growing so maybe someone here can help you out with product suggestions and better advise as to how to fix it. But your description sounds dead on to what I saw on my pepper.

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