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Jenny3721September 13, 2013


I am new to gardening and taking care of plants. I have started working in an office with several indoor plants and have taken over the job of taking care of them. There is one that was not doing well when I got here so I gave it some new soil and started watering it regularly. It is doing better, with new growth on the top but wondering if It should be in a bigger pot and if there is anything that should be done regarding the browning leaves and the fact that the stalk is bare on the bottom. Hope this question makes sense and any help or tips would be appreciated. Also not sure what kind of plant it even is. Thanks!!

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Hi Jenny & Welcome,

The plant is Ficus, Rubber Tree, variegata/variegated.

Are any roots growing out of drainage holes, on bottom of pot? If not, repotting can be done in spring, if needed.

I see roots on top, but the pot needs more soil. If it doesn't need repotting, another inch or two will cover exposed roots.

When you water, does the water drain freely or hold moisture?

What type of light is it getting?

Most office plants do not get adequate light, humidity and waterings.

There's several reasons leaves brown including dry air and/or improper watering. If soil remains dry for prolonged periods, leaves will brown.
On the other hand, over-watering is the number 1 plant killer, but I doubt the Ficus was over-watered.

Water when soil feels dry, and I'd add a little more soil.

How much time are you allowed to work on plants? Toni

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Thanks so much!

When I got here the plant was in an office near a window but I have a feeling it was probably under watered. It drains well and gets decent sunlight. No roots growing out the bottom but yes definitely needs more soil on top. Thats where I was wondering if it needs a bigger pot all together or if just adding a little more soil would be fine for now. Also should the browning leaves be removed or just left? Luckily I can spend as much time as i feel is needed on the plants. Whatever is needed to keep them healthy and thriving. Thanks for the help!

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Jenny,, that's good to hear you can spend as much time as you need to work on plants... :)

As long as the soil isn't drying everyday, where it needs a drink, the Ficus Rubber Tree will be fine in it's pot.
Growth will slow down anyway, now that winter's approaching.

If you can spray or shower leaves, that'd help with dry air.

For brown leaves, there's two options. Remove the entire leaf or trimming brown edges.
If brown is in the center, and extremely noticeable, cutting off the whole leaf would look better..A brown leaf will not turn green, in fact, it often spreads.

Jenny, good luck...hope the Rubber Tree does well for you. Once spring comes, give it a dose of fertilizer.

BTW, its a nice-looking plant. Toni

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Thanks so much! Really appreciate the help :)

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Jenny, you're welcome.

Keep us posted...Good luck, Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hi Jenny, welcome to Gardenweb! LOVE the leaves on your cute little tree! You may find some of the info here to be informative also.

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