Bromeliads Loose in soil

Lamora(4)September 21, 2012

Hi everyone! I have 2 Bromeliades that seem to be "loose" in the soil at the base. They both seem to be healthy and happy, tho they haven't grown like I thought they would. So I don't think they are broken at the root base.

My Guzmania is really loose at the base. Should I put more soil in it to make it tighter? Would almost need to re-soil her if that is the case, soil is already to the top of the pot.

The Pink Quill is somewhat loose too. Question on that also... I know Winter is on his way, so I am not expecting anything yet, but when will the pups (there are 3) start forming into quills? They have been like this all summer and no sign of anything really forming. I cut off the mother quill when she died, left the main plant.. I hope that was right.

I don't know this and can't find any info on it either, the time table of growth.

Any advice about the looseness of these plants? Or am I being pariniod.. again..

Marjie :)

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Hi Marjie,

A well-rooted/potted Bromeliad should stand erect, unless a heavy flower tilts leaves back.

Even then the bloom shouldn't loosen leaves from roots.
Was it repotted?

About blooming. My A. Fasciata took 1.5 yrs to bloom counting first being detached from mom.

Quills are smaller than fasciatas, so might take less time. I'm not certain since I've only rooted the one type.

Bromeliads are slow growers. When attached to mom they take off, but the older they get the slower they grow.

Don't know what you should do regarding soil.


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