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cghpndSeptember 4, 2013

I noticed that my peace lilly has a yellow leaf n a few spots on the other ones. I've had it since mother's day this year. The only thing I can think of is I took it to the shower for a spray down. I water it with tap water left out for a week.

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Another pic

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Yellow leaves are often indicative of over watering. Take the plant out of the pot and let the soil dry out. If it is in a medium that doesn't dry out easily, change the potting medium to one that does.

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idk about overwatering for the peace lily. they seem to like it pretty wet, I just moved mine in to a "semi-hydro" situation to ensure it doesn't dry out. what do you have it potted in? it looks like a lot of perlite? does the pot have a drainage hole? what are your watering habits? how many other leaves have spots? could just be shedding an old leaf and mechanical type scarring on others?

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Welp, it was over watered. I took it out of the pot and sheesh, it was soaked! not damp but soaked.

I have never watered in the shower, just a few cups at a time n misting it. A few days later now and its droopy, but the soil is not dry. i took all that wet stuff out and mixed it with dry soil and added perlite with some orchid mix.

The smaller ones I have are doing great in the orchid mix with perlite and a little bit of potting soil.
So it seems like the dry stuff mixed with the wet has soaked up alot of the water that was in it before. Does a peace Lilly usually droop after a re potting?

another bigger, older leaf has a few spots. Kinda like a burn spot with the yellow outlining it. But very small and not spreading. Well the one in the pic.
The pot had alot of drainage holes.
i have a water meter that i use every time. Except that one time in the shower obviously. I was spraying under the leaves in particular.
So far no more yellowing leaves.

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Peace lilies really like to be moist, but all plants need to have air around their roots too, so if they are kept in a flood they do poorly. Bog plants have the means to do it, but PL isn't one of them. Orchid mix might be a bit coarse for PL, but it is better than soaked peat. I think you are moving in the right direction. PL's do wilt after a total repot, but it should perk up after a while. I am not sure about the brown spots and their specific cause. I always try to get the well drained soils right, and then the plant will grow out of the spots. (This is if I don't really see a specific causal agent for them, like too much sun. It doesn't look like sunburn though.) Have you ever looked up container soils on the container forum?

Here is a link that might be useful: Container Soils-Water Movement and Retention

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i agree. over watered...perhaps pot too large too...can you do a smaller pot?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Molliebee, hi & welcome to Gardenweb!

Overwatering is really a misnomer, the problem is with the soil holding onto too much excess moisture, and no tiny air pockets for roots to breathe. I think it should have been called underdrying all along. But anyway, when one uses a porous, chunky, airy soil, pot size is irrelevant, and overwatering/underdrying should become a thing of the past.

The info here could help explain also.

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