Jasmine tree needs help

GulatiSeptember 14, 2013


I live in Dubai, UAE and need help.
My jasmine tree (before and current time pics attached) is dying. I ha e trimmed it and tried various things, with no help. It started regrowing and then went back to the same..

Pleeeeeeease help.

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Hi Gulati,

I think your tree is Murraya paniculata, not Jasmine.
My eyesight isn't the best, so I clicked on your photo, but picture didn't expand. :)

Its common name is Orange Jasmine and Orange Jessamine.. Often people confuse Murraya for Jasmine because of its name.

Murraya is related to Citrus.

When soil dries too much for extended periods, leaves drop.
The good news is, 99% of the time, leaves grow back.
But, proper watering is important.

Soil needs to dry between waterings where soil looks and feels crumbly...sometimes leaves wilt. At that point, the plant needs a drink.

It's important to test bottom soil. Insert a stake/stick into lower soil. Remove stick. If the stick is wet or muddy, don't water. If the stick comes out clean, it needs watering.

Also, lifting a plant can determine if soil is wet or dry, to a degree. When soil is dry, the pot is light in weight. When wet, container is heavier.

Water thoroughly..until water seeps out of drainage holes.

Murraya is a sun lover. Full/Direct sun is required. More sun means more flowers. Sweet, smelling blooms. Then berries. They're green, but when ripe, turn red.

My Murraya is fertilized with Citrus fertilizer. I don't know brands sold in your location, so can't comment.

Please stop pruning, unless you want to decrease sides sizes, but don't clip the top or portions you'd like to keep.
Constant pruning will prevent Murraya from flowering.

What type of care is it getting? Toni

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