wandering roots

ken2256(5b)September 29, 2013

Looknig for a plant i can put in a net pot that will send out lots of roots in the net pot..any ideas or suggestions,,it will be grown semi-hydro . thanks

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dellis326 (Danny)

Most plants will grow roots that will grow out of the net pot if grown in the right conditions.

Climbing vines work good in semi-hydro. What types of plant are you interested in?

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Hello dellis, just about any really, I am enjoying converting from soil to hydroton,with pretty good success, and of course some not so good.I do have a philodendron, thats as close to a vine i have,I do have a peace lily, but its in soil yet, but i have been told they do well in water.one that i looked at today was a water lily, they have a crazy root system, i will try those. thanks

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dellis326 (Danny)

Peace Lilies do very well growing is S-H. I have about a square foot of them growing in hydroton.

I also have several types of philodendron, an Anthurium plowmanii, an Anthurium pallidiflorum, an Aglaonema, A pineapple, a schefflera and a couple of orchids all growing semi-hydro in either hydroton or sphagnum.

I don't know if a water lily would work because they need the water they grow in to support the plant. Most aquatic plants really don't adapt well to growing out of or above the water surface. Many of the plants sold as "amazon swords" can grow emersed and may be able to adapt to S_H. Possibly they are really bog plants. I've tried Java fern, they wouldn't adapt.

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hi dellis, i will try the Anthuriums and Aglaonemas As far as the water lilys ,i meant to say i will keep them immersed in containers...I just converted a african violet over to hydroton, I,ll see how that gos. I like the idea of the amazon swords as well.

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paul_(z5 MI)


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hey paul, any certain type of orchid or just about any. thanks

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