Frustrated and need help!

smickerdoodleApril 25, 2009

Ok here is the deal...I have made several plate flowers and also a birdbath that I love. The problem is I have had to redo them several times already and they haven't been in the garden a month, I have tried using GEII (several different tubes bought at different times and places and all in date) and epoxy that is supposed to work on glass....and they keep falling apart. Today the birdbath fell over and apart...and part of it broke. What am I doing wrong? and how can I fix the problem so that I can make more art rather than constantly fixing the ones I already made?

Thanks for any imput...


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I love my GEII glue and even had my friend's glass flower out all winter here in NY and it was fine. I would make sure everything was clean and dry when you glued and give it plenty of set up time. I always give it at least a day or 2 sitting still. Good luck I know that can be very frustrating.

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I am sorry that happened to you--I know your frustation because the first BB I did, I used Liquid nail and everything fell apart. I do have one question--Other than that I don't have any idea of the problem. Are you using GEII for kithen and bath or GEII for windows and doors? Windows and doors is the right one, but it is easy to pick up the other one sometimes.
The only other thing--maybe they have changed the formula.
You know how sometimes companies 'new and improve' and make things worse.
I looked at your 'page' and there is nothing about the area you are in, so I don't know about your climate.

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Micki- you are in Michigan right? If you did these recently, I know it has been pretty wet in my neck of Michigan. I think GE II takes longer to set up when the humidity is high. That's the only thing I can think or since you know it was not out dated. I sure hope they haven't changed the formula... Kathy

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I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out what the problem might be other than the above suggestions. I had one totem that kept coming apart at one of the joints. Finally decided maybe it was something in the material of the vase I was using. I took it apart and used a different vase and now it's fine. Do you clean the items thoroughly and then wipe them with alcohol before gluing?

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I am in southeast Michigan. I took the weather into account when putting things together as well...most of the pieces were in the studio for at least a week before I put them out into the garden...laurastheme might have figured it out...I have been thoroughly cleaning the glass but haven't tried using alcohol...I will try that when I put the birdbath back together tomorrow and see if it works...Thank you everyone.


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Wow, how frustrating for you, Smick. I've not had a problem except the time I got old GE. But I never bother to clean the glass or use alcohol or anything. I buy glass from GW and just start gluing. Lazy me.
However, I got an interesting tip from a gal the other day who was looking at our albums. She makes creations with glass blocks, and here is what she told me...

"I use glass block caulking, that is what I plan on using when I start putting my totems together. My Mother now uses it & loves it because it sets up much faster! Thought you might like to know. It also costs the same as the GE II. & is also clear."

Next time I need glue, I think I'll try this.
hugs, Karen

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Thank you Karen....I'll have to see if I can get some at the Home Depot the next time I go.

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I started making totems using aquarium glue. It works great, but it smells terrible. So I started using E6000 glue and that works great too. My husband was working in the garden and accidently knocked one of my totems over. It didn't breat at the glued parts, but at the stem of one of the glasses I used in it. You might want to try one of those glues.

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I have a friend who uses the aquarium glue. She was having trouble getting it to cure until she decided to turn on the heat in the spare room she was using. After that she had no problem. I swear by E6000 for inside jobs, but don't know how well it holds up outside.

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Smick ... hated to hear your news because I love your glass projects! Can't help you any except to tell you the couple I've made I used Silicone II Clear for Windows & Doors...but my totems haven't stood the test of time outside yet! Good luck & don't give up! Jeanne S.

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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

Smickers, I know nothing about glues, but am paying close attention to the advice given so that I know how to put my first totem together. Been collecting glass for a while, gotta give it a whirl someday and glad you brought up the subject. ~tenderlee

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Micki that sounds so frustrating. One of my flowers got blown over by the wind and broke and I was so disappointed. Don't know why yours are falling apart. I hope they didn't change the formula for the GE sIIw&d. The glass block caulk sounds intriguing especially if it sets up quicker.
Good luck

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I have read alot about the what glues etc to use on the glass totems. Somewhere, I read that someone was using the Ace Hardware 50 year silicone. Has anyone tried it?? It says that it dries in 24 hours.


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